4.5 star #Review ~ Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

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I am loving the viking type stories. Most of them aren’t about real vikings but more of the idea of them. Warrior of the Wild was a book that followed the viking law but was more of a fantasy story set in a viking world. I loved it, while I wasn’t a huge fan of the in your face romance, I thought this was a really exciting read with fun characters.

Rasmira is the chief’s daughter and wasn’t to be a fierce warrior. She will be the first girl in her village to train. Because she is the chief’s daughter she gets special treatment and isn’t liked by her fellow warrior trainees. When she fails her trials she is sent into the wild to preform a dangerous and impossible task…Kill a god.

Look, I loved Daughter of the Pirate King and I love Tricia Levenseller’s writing. This book was no different, I loved it so very much Monsters, annoying boys, romance, humor and lots of action. It was nonstop from the moment the book starts to the very end. I wasn’t a big fan of the romance, I thought it took up to much time and just seemed like you knew it would happen because it was forced on you. Could it have been done different? Sure but I liked the characters enough to cheer them on even if I already knew it was going to happen.

  • I thought the characters has a great build and really did spend a lot of time growing that at the end you can see a huge difference from when they started.
  • The monsters in the book are just scary and I am glad I wasn’t the one fighting them,
  • I wanted the people that wronged Rasmira get a little more punishment.
  • The world build wasn’t as great but it was enough to know where you are and get a sense of what it was like.
  • The action had me on my toes, I might have wanted to make sure everything turned out ok for all the characters. I was nervous.

Overall, I can’t recommend this book enough. I wasn’t a fan of the romance but I loved the entire book regardless. Action, adventure, humor, romance and lots of monsters. This book was just what I didn’t know I needed. So much fun and such a great read. I can’t wait to see what Mrs. Levenseller has for us next!

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5 responses to “4.5 star #Review ~ Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

  1. I haven’t read a book set in the Viking world, but I think I could get into one. Glad you loved this one even if the romance was sledge hammer style.

  2. I feel like we’re kind of on a roll with Viking fantasies at the moment, and I hope they keep coming. Like hopefully publishers right now are getting inundated with all the Viking manuscripts lol! Glad to hear this was good. 🙂

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