4 Star #Review ~ Girls Save the World in This One by Ash Parsons

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Honestly did you see that cover, I can’t get over how amazing it is and i just love how badass the three friends look. I even love the colors and I am not a pink person but this cover might be one of my favorites this year.

Three best friends, June, Imani and Siggy are super excited about going to ZOMBIECON, that just so happens to be in the new convention center in their town. June is a huge Zombie fan and to make things even more awesome her favorite Zombie show cast will be in attendance but suddenly everything seems to take a massive turn and zombie con, has turned into a real zombie apocalypse. Can three best friends save the world?

I really liked this book, a lot more than I thought I would but I also has some issues with it. The cast of characters were awesome and it’s all told in June’s POV. My issue with it was just all the gushing and compliments to her friends, like I get it your friends are awesome, ok, move on. This story also has a cute little romance too and the best part was it was more of a friendship book than a romance and that totally worked for me.

Some of the layout of the building was a little confusing, I almost wish they had a floor plan of the event that you could look at. In my head I was sort of picturing the Book Expo, especially all the running around the girls were doing when the place first opened.

I really enjoyed the secondary cast of characters. The cast from the Human Wasteland TV show and a few other characters thrown in. At times I was worried about some of them and some I could live without. I thought the three best friends, even with all the praise of each other, were rather kick ass girls. If I was every to be trapped in a convention center with zombies, these three are who I would want to be with.


I thought this was a great fun book, it has a little humor and a lot of action. At times I was worried about the girls and their friends and other times I was cheering them on because they were totally kicking butt. Highly recommend, while it’s not a scary story it is a fun, intense zombie adventure with three pretty awesome girls. Good for adult, young adults and teens.

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