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Margaret last engagement didn’t go so well, to end the embarrassment she decided to go to a family friends house to see if she can find a suitor that will marry on convenience and not love, because she doesn’t want to do that again. What she wasn’t expecting was the arrogant Lord Williams and his cousin, Mr Northam. Quickly realized that Mr Northam was the man for her but was quickly whisked away home before she could get her proposal only to find out when she gets home she is engaged to Lord Williams. The story takes on a fun and heartbreaking journey as these two try to figure out what exactly they want but Mr Northam isn’t out of the picture yet.

This was such a beautifully written book. I loved the story and the characters. I think I might have fallen in love with Lord Williams also. Reading each word created such a beautiful visual in my head, this types of books are the ones I like best. Margaret and Lord Williams are just a wonderful couple even if they didn’t realize it at first. I know for a fact I could never survive in this world, proper is not my thing and reading the way they talked to woman way back in time, was awful. But I loved how spunky Margaret is and how she seems to try and keep being a lady but had no problem telling you what she thought. I would totally have loved to be her friend. Moments in this book broke my heart and just made me feel so sad for Margaret and Lord Williams. Margaret was so hurt by what happened before that she kept herself so guarded. It was like you can feel her pain in the pages. I really just wanted to give her a hug and tell her to cheer up, you got this girl! I adored all the other characters in this book even the snobby ones. 🙂

Overall I loved this book, I loved the story, the characters, the banter and the heartache that came with it story. I just loved everything about this book! I can not wait to read more stories from this author!

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2 responses to “4 Star #Review ~ Promised by Leah Garriott

  1. I haven’t read a clean romance yet, but this sounds so good. I love that it pulled so much emotion! Glad you enjoyed it. Great review Michelle.