#Review ~ The Christmas Cottage / Ever After by Samantha Chase

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My Review:

This book was two stories in one, The Christmas Cottage is a magical place and legends has it that if you stay over night with someone you will have everlasting love. So most of the people in the Callahan family have been married on Christmas Eve and stayed in the cottage over night on their honeymoon hoping that they will find everlasting love. Lacey Quinn is the maid of honor to Ava Callahan and she has turned into a bridezilla. She is obsessed with the Legends and wants Lacey to make the cottage the most magical place on her wedding night but Lacey isn’t expected to do it alone. Ava’s brother Ean is asked to help but Lacey doesn’t want that since she has had a crush on him since, like, forever.

This was a really cute story and sort of a second chance romance. I love the relationship between Lacey and Ava, they have been BFF forever and are like sisters. You really get that friend feel with them and it’s really cute. I actually adored Ean he was just so cute and just thought the two of them together was just great. This book has no sex but it does imply that they did something. I must say I actually thought that this book was done really well and you still get that romance that you want even without all the sex. I loved the Characters and thought they were developed very well and reading the next story in the book just made the characters even more lovable.

Ava’s story I liked but not as much as Lacey’s story, only because Ava was beyond frustrating with her obsession with the stupid COTTAGE!!! By the time I got to this story I was just so annoyed by how much she thought her life needed to be perfect and have everything happen at a certain time in the perfect spot. I did like Brain and thought he was a perfect guy for Ava. Don’t  get me wrong, I did enjoy reading this story and I thought both stories were done very well giving you all those warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling with a great romantic story. I can see this being a Christmas Movie on Hallmark. I love the chemistry between all the characters and highly recommend if you are looking to get into the Christmas Spirit with a little Romance and a fantastic story.

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