How to Navigate Zombie Cave and Defeat Pirate Pete by Mick Bogerman~Author’s Spotlight

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I am honored to have on my blog today

Mickey “Mick” Bogerman


About the Author

Author, Mickey “Mick” Bogerman has lived in Beachwood, North Carolina all his life. Mostly he tries to stay out of trouble, but mostly trouble seems to find him anyway. He has a knack for antagonizing scary creatures and girls, not necessarily in that order.
Mick’s favorite subjects in school are science (slime, rockets, bugs, and rocks– what’s not to like?), gym class (running, climbing, throwing– more stuff to like), and reading (yay Mr. Corcoran lets him read whatever he likes– like comic books).
Speaking of comic books, Mick’s favorites are X-Men, Demon Knights, Spiderman and Batman.

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About the Book

cover_file_How_to_Navigate_Zombie_Cave_and_defeat_Pirate_Pete_MBogerman How to Navigate Zombie Cave and Defeat Pirate Pete (Slug Pie Story #1)
by Mick Bogerman

Paperback, 1st Edition, 112 pages
Published July 24th 2014 by Slug Pie Stories, LLC


Armed with a pitchfork, miner’s hat, and map, Mick Bogerman dares to hunt for pirate treasure in Zombie Cave. His little brother Finley is tied up at the beach. Literally–Mick tied him up. No one needs a little brother tagging along when you’re going to slay the undead.
But Mick soon wishes he’d taken some human company with him, because lurking in every corner, reaching from every crevice, is another hungry corpse. No wonder the place is named Zombie Cave! And finding treasure in the twisty tunnels is a lot harder when your map disintegrates. And man-oh-man the cold, dark tide chases fast. But the worst part about fighting off ravenous flesh-eaters is the one monster deadlier than a regular zombie . . . the worst of the worst . . . Pirate Pete.

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How to Navigate Zombie Cave and Defeat Pirate Pete is available today for 99 cents!

3 Things about the Author

3 Names you go by
“Mickey Bogerman get inside this instant!” (only Mom gets to call me this)

3 things you ate today
Resee’s Puffs Cereal (It’s like candy in a box)
Salami sandwich
Southern fried chicken

3 favorite books
Holes, Louis Sachar
Everest 1, 2, & 3, Gordon Korman
The Lightning Thief, Rick Riordan
And all the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling
I know it’s more than 3, but limiting to just 3 favorites makes my head explode

3 favorite movies
Indiana Jones (1 and 3)
Guardians of the Galaxy
All the X-Men movies, anything with Wolverine in it

3 Places you want to visit
Disney World

3 favorite toppings on pizza
Extra cheese

3 things you need with you at all times
A Swiss Army Knife
A penlight
An open mind


from How To Navigate Zombie Cave and Defeat Pirate Pete:
Find Zombie Cave


Hang on—it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s way up on the beach. The tide never comes in that far, not even during hurricane season. The ropes are the nylon kind, so they aren’t hard and scratchy. Besides, he thinks we’re playing a game of cowboys and pirates. He’s expecting to be shanghaied most of the day. Mom gave us a big breakfast before we left this morning. He’ll be fine.

I have to do it. Finley—that’s my little brother—he’s a pain in the rumpus. Now before giving me a hard time about using the word rumpus, let’s just say that the last time I chose a different word, I got a mouthful of soap and no TV for a week, so rumpus is as hardcore as it gets around here. Most of the time. Deal with it.

Anyhow, I am constantly, and I mean constantly, getting Finley out of scrapes. I once told him, “Don’t follow me into the deep end—it’s too deep for you.” And before you could say “stupid drowning brother,” he was sputtering and flailing and I had to drag his rumpus back to the shallow end.

Then there was the time we put pennies on the railway tracks so they’d get squashed flat like in those crank machines, except for free. There was Finley with his shoes untied like a total dufus. I said, “Finley, tie your shoes. You’re gonna trip.” Next thing I knew, not only did he trip, but he got all tangled up in the tracks and there was a train coming.

Tasted my lunch twice that day.

Sweat’s busting out on my back just thinking about it. Obviously he came through, ’cause there he is, cinched up like a gym shoe. Not even struggling to get free. Sweet kid. I put the beach umbrella over him. No sunburn for him today.

The point is, I have the one and only map through Zombie Cave to Pirate Pete’s treasure, and there is no way Finley is coming with me.

So, brother incapacitated. Check.

Map. Check.

Miner’s hat and pitchfork. Check.

Swiss Army knife. Check. Candy bar. Check.

I’m good to go.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today to check out this amazing author and his book!

Hope you all have a great day and Happy Reading Name2014

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