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AuthorSpotlightI am honored to have on my blog today

Kyra Halland

and her book The Lost Book of Anggird

kyra halland - lost book of anggird cover-postcardThe Lost Book of Anggird
by Kyra Halland
Kindle Edition
Published October 27th 2013


For Perarre Tabrano, who intends to live her life as an independent woman, the chance to work as a translator of ancient books for the renowned Professor Roric Rossony is an opportunity she can’t pass up. Professor Rossony is as famous for his difficult personality as he is for his scholarship, but there’s far more to him than meets the eye, and Perarre quickly finds herself fascinated with her employer.

Professor Roric Rossony is the Vorunne Dominion’s greatest expert on Magical Balance. He has been entrusted with the vital task of discovering what is going wrong with the Dominion’s powerful magica. With Perarre’s assistance, he begins investigating the origins of the magica – and finds that truths taught for hundreds of years might not be true at all.

Then Professor Rossony goes too far in his research, digging into lost and forbidden books. Magical disaster strikes and he is transformed overnight from respected scholar to the most-wanted criminal in the Dominion. Together, he and Perarre embark on a journey to discover the roots of an 800-year-old conspiracy, a journey that will change the way magic works, and their own lives, forever.


I had a chance to sit down with the characters and ask them a few questions…

Name and age: Roric Rossony, 35 years of age

What do you do?

I am a Professor of magical balance theory at the University of Vorunne City. I teach lecture courses and advanced seminar classes on various aspects of magical balance, and have also published several books on the subject. I have a particular interest in the making and balancing of magical devices.

Is there anyone special in your life?

I decided long ago that there is no place in my life for romantic relationships. I am dedicated to my work, and need nothing more than that.

What are your plans for the future?

I would be content to continue as I am now, in my position as a Professor, teaching and doing research. Even when I am too old to continue working as much as I do now, I hope I will still be able to teach an occasional seminar class and continue my research and writing to some degree.

What do you think of your new assistant, Perarre Tabrano?

She’s very highly qualified as a translator and a Reader. I couldn’t ask for a more qualified assistant. But there’s a certain carelessness in her attitude and her personal habits that I find very bothersome. I’ll have to learn to tolerate it, though, because I cannot do the research I’m planning without her.

What if I told you she’s going to become the most important person in the world to you?

*gives interviewer The Look* I assume that was intended to be humorous. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish writing this lecture.


Name and age: Perarre Tabrano, age 22

What do you do?

Right now I’m fulfilling a three-year Assistantship at the University. This will give me extra training and experience before I go out to start my own career. I’m a translator of ancient and middle languages of the Vorunne Dominion. I’m also an excellent Reader, which means I can pick up traces of thoughts and emotions left behind on objects. Being able to read what the author was thinking can be very helpful in translating books that are hundreds of years old

Is there anyone special in your life?

I had a lot of boyfriends when I was in my teens, but now I’m entirely focused on my career. Maybe one day I’ll meet a man who’ll accept me as I am and won’t ask me to give up my independence, but until then, I’d rather avoid getting seriously involved with anyone.

What are your plans for the future?

When I’m finished with my Assistantship in another year, I’m planning to apply for a position with the Foreign Service. I want to see exotic foreign lands, like the Jade Lands. (And I’ve heard that the men of the Jade Lands are incredible lovers!)

What do you think of your new employer, Professor Rossony?

He’s handsome, that’s for sure, but his personality… He’s picky and priggish and completely unlikeable. But a good reference from him will make my career, and strangling my boss would look very bad on my resume, so I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.

What if I told you he’s going to become the most important person in the world to you?

*laughs hysterically* No, seriously, that’s not funny. *laughs some more*


Take a peek inside the book with an excerpt

RORIC HADN’T BEEN expecting an index as comprehensive as the one Miss Tabrano handed him, let alone a whole new translation. The index wasn’t just a listing of words and page numbers; it was a work of scholarship in its own right. As he went through it, following the references, the sense and structure of Inderborg’s book and the development of its ideas became clear to him. Of course, Miss Tabrano had had the advantage of being able to Read the long-dead scholar’s thoughts and intentions as he wrote the book, but the detailed impressions that could be picked up by a skilled Reader didn’t fully account for the precision and thoroughness of her work. And the new translation, while not a particularly elegant piece of writing, was much more readable than the old one.

He looked at Miss Tabrano where she sat, absorbed in her work, her thick auburn hair threatening to rebel further against the two or three dozen hairpins that still held it in its knot at the back of her head. Her fingertips looked red and sore, the nails chewed down to the quick. Perhaps due to the lack of fingernails, she was now chewing on her pen. Which wasn’t just any plain old-fashioned quill; he had provided her with the newest carved rosewood pens with precision metal nibs. And now one of the fine new pens would have teeth marks on it.

Her remark about wearing a dressing gown while she worked had been a clear and deliberate challenge to him, and he was forced to admit that they would have to agree to disagree on the matter of how one’s dress and grooming affected one’s work.

But the chewing… He looked at her index again, and saw where she had made a connection between two concepts which had eluded him through all his years of studying Inderborg.

Well. If all of her work was of the same quality as this index, he supposed he could get used to her chewing on things. The irritation her habits caused him would be a small price to pay for such skilled assistance with the difficult and vital research he was planning to undertake.

And he wondered why he was wondering what color the dressing gown was.


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