Author’s Spotlight ~ Lillian Summers ~ Part 2

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I am honored to have on my blog today

Lillian Summers

and her book Mindbender


Lillian Summers has spent her life reading books, and only started writing in her early forties. She has published her first contemporary romance novel ‘Follow the white pebbles’ in August 2013. Lillian lived most of her life in Sydney, Australia. She has recently moved to Orlando, Florida, to join her husband Mike. She is a master chef with some limitations, likes to embrace all that life has to offer, and is into travel to crazy places. Spends some considerable time at her desk typing away. She has just released her second novel, ‘Mindbender’, a paranormal romance that will blow you away

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jss_aprilshowers_stitches straight purpleFollow_the_white_pebbles_cover

Follow the white pebbles
by Lillian Summers

Kindle Edition, 198 pages
Published August 7th 2013 (first published August 6th 2013)


Lizzie Wilburn is a riot. She is loud-mouthed, strong-minded and tough, as eighteen years surviving in the scum of Southside Jamaica’s ghettos have taught her. She is also outrageously wealthy. But the latter is news to her, as she wakes up on a hospital bed after a hit and run accident. Her story is one of pain, abuse and tangled love that tap the core integrity of who she is, stretching from the world that she knew to the one she is now facing. Thrown into a world of wealth and privilege from a life of desperate poverty, she finds that the familiar standards of her life before the car accident are stretched to breaking point. Faced with the fact that her life has been a lie, Lizzie no longer knows where or who she is. She must deal with new parents she does not know, a name she does not know or like, and a new husband that she is desperately in love with but who despises her. In attempting to define her world that she finds herself in, she must pull on everything she has used to survive her past to survive her future, and to awaken her femininity in less than ideal circumstances. Lizzie’s new husband, Justin Winters, is handsome and as tempting as the most wicked of sins, but a serial womanizer whose only interest in his wife is limited to her business empire. Bound by a pre-nuptial agreement to remain faithful to his spouse, Justin tries every possible trick to go back to his playboy lifestyle. Lizzie, in turn, wants him with desperation, if only she could get him to even spare her a glance, let alone to come anywhere near her. Will any of them succeed in their quest?

You can purchase Follow the White Pebbles on Amazon

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