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I am honored to have on my blog today

Megan Joel Peterson

and her books The Children and The Blood Trilogy

About the Author


Megan Joel Peterson lives somewhere between the cornfields of Illinois and fantasy worlds filled with magic. She has a degree in English Literature from the University of Illinois, and has worked a little bit of everywhere over the years. Now she spends her days and nights creating new stories, and thinks writing is the best job for which she ever could have asked.


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Taliesin Ascendant (Book Two of The Children and the Blood)



The war isn’t over.

And new enemies await.

Life on the run hasn’t been easy, but so far, Ashe has survived. But now Carter has ordered her away from the Hunters to find her family’s people – an order she can’t refuse, no matter how much she wants to stay.

Following his command will bring her into an unknown world, however – a world filled with new enemies and old prejudices that will demand more of her than she can imagine, at a cost higher than she’ll ever be willing to pay.


Available for purchase at:
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What people are saying

“Taliesin Ascendant is equally as pulse-pounding as The Children and the Blood. I felt there was fantastic character development combined with the spine-tingling suspense and action. Oh, all the intrigue!” – Brandee ‘Bookworm Brandee’

“Things unfold but you still know there’s more to the story that you don’t know. It’s very unique writing and an absolute high speed, action packed adventure that you’re traveling on with the main characters.” – Carey ‘Toot’s Book Reviews’

Taliesin Ascendant Excerpt

Gravel skittering beneath her shoes, Ashe slid to a stop and then ducked behind a rusting dumpster. Bracing herself on the grimy metal, she tossed a quick glance to the blessedly empty rooftops, and then waited a heartbeat more before leaning around the garbage bin.

Three Taliesin wizards pounded up to the alley.

She jerked back. Voices shouted from across the street, revealing the presence of the wizards’ allies, though their words were unclear. Heart pounding, she looked past the other dumpsters to the far end of the alley and then shifted her feet, getting ready to make a run for it.

More wizards rushed by. With a gasp, she retreated farther into the shadows.

She closed her eyes, clutching her gun despite how useless it’d probably be. The wizards were everywhere. On the street corners, on the rooftops. Every wizard who’d survived the apartment building and countless more besides.

And each one of them Taliesin.

Twenty minutes ago, they’d spotted her as she paused at a bus stop to get directions from the sun-bleached map on the wall. A shout had rung out, she’d looked up, and suddenly half a dozen Taliesin were chasing her.

They hadn’t been interested in questions. She’d barely made it out of the bus stop before a blast of magic sent her flying and the tiny depot vanished in a shower of glass and metal shards. Scrambling to her feet, she’d taken off running and hadn’t stopped since.

The wizards left the alley entrance behind, and as their footsteps faded, she let out the breath she’d been holding. Shifting her grip on the gun, she straightened slowly, checking in both directions before rising from the garbage bin’s cover completely. With a final glance to the roof, she pushed away from the dumpster and headed toward the alley’s far end.

Taxis and buses swept by on the busy street. People pushed past one another as they juggled coffee cups, cell phones and briefcases in their hands. In the distance, sirens still howled, attending to the bus stop explosion that she could only hope had been devoid of casualties.

The crowd parted as she walked, shifting to one side of her or the other with little notice of what they were doing. Scanning the road, she hurried toward the intersection. Clarkston Street had to be nearby. Back at the bus stop, she’d been only a few blocks away.

But she’d gotten turned around since then, and none of the street signs looked familiar.

Anxiety started to build despite her efforts to stay calm, and she ran a hand through her hair as she stared at the crowds. She needed to find Cornelius. To do as Carter asked. And to hide until the Taliesin wizards went away.

If they went away.

An apprehensive noise escaped her, though no one paid it any mind. Checking the rooftops again, she bit her lip, and then dropped the magic around her.

The crowd buffeted her, the jarring interspersed with rare apologies. With a gasp, she dodged a bicyclist weaving through the throng, and then grabbed the arm of the first person she saw.

“Where can I find Clarkston Street?” she yelled over the honking of a car horn.

Tugging out of her grip, the old woman gaped at her and then scurried away. Ashe swallowed hard and then reached out, calling the question again.

“Clarkston?” a man answered distractedly, barely glancing at her past the cell phone pressed to his ear. “Maybe five blocks that way.”


He’d already forgotten her. Magic rising again, she took off through the crowd. Cars slowed as she raced across the street and horns blared from the vehicles behind. On their leashes, a pack of dogs in the care of a professional walker suddenly went berserk, causing minor chaos for several yards around.

Her eyes widened at the sight and then magic was rushing at her. Throwing herself to the concrete, she covered her head with her arms as the window of the pet shop next to her shattered. Gasping, she scrambled for her feet while people screamed and every animal in the store went mad.

Two Taliesin stepped from a storefront door ahead. Two more raced at her from behind.

Merlin’s Children (Book Three of The Children and the Blood)



The stakes of the war have never been higher.

But what will be the cost to win?

Ashe knows loss, knows sacrifice and pain. Her allies are scattered and too many lie dead. The Blood are stronger than ever and more connected than she could have imagined.

But the worst is yet to come. The war has taken so many people she loves.

Now it just might take everyone who’s left.


Available for purchase at:

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

Goodreads link:

What people are saying

“This final book in the trilogy was every bit as thrilling as the first two. I was so tense – flying through the pages to learn who would survive, who would betray whom, which characters would finally put their trust in the right people. It was nail-biting suspense.” – Brandee ‘Bookworm Brandee’

Merlin’s Children Excerpt

White metal flashed at the corner of Ashe’s eye, and her gaze snapped back to the highway. Half a mile ahead, three security vehicles sped down the off-ramp and charged into the oncoming traffic.

Her eyes darted from the trucks to Cole.

And then their magic was coming.

Electricity lashed across a semi ahead. The tires exploded, sending the truck careening, and then the semi jack-knifed hard. The front whipped back toward the trailer, catching on the blown tires. With lethal speed, the truck slammed down and ground across the width of the highway in a fountain of sparks and screaming metal.

Cole hit the brakes.

Two security vehicles raced around the ends of the skidding semi.

Swearing, Cole looked from the white vehicles to the semi-truck.

“Go!” Ashe shouted.

He crushed the accelerator to the floor.

The sedan surged toward the semi. Pulling in sharply, the security trucks veered toward the center of the road.

Ashe stretched her hands out to either side.

The car shot between the white pickup trucks.

“Now!” Cole yelled.

Her magic obliterated the windows and the vehicles beyond.

Spinning in her seat, she watched as the trucks tumbled across the interstate, the vehicles flying apart as they rolled. Twisting the wheel sharply, Cole raced the sedan through the narrow gap between the semi and the metal pylons dividing the interstate.

Lily screamed.

Cole slammed on the brakes.

She turned.

There was a car.

Propelled by magic, a blue sports car flew through the air like a child’s toy, heading straight toward them, and she had no time. Metal howled as the car slammed into them, the destruction racing her magic to reach the occupants of the sedan.

Her shields enveloped them.

Glass exploded as the hood crumpled and the whole world went sideways. The magic behind the impact threw the green sedan backwards, and the steel pylons dividing the highway vanished as the car plowed over them and began to roll. Concrete flashed past the windows, grating and screaming and kicking up shattered glass to fly through the chaos in the car.

And then they were airborne.

Gravity vanished and Lily screamed. Ashe’s stomach climbed into her throat, trying to escape, and breathing was an impossibility. Frantic, she poured everything she had into the shields as the world tumbled down and down and down.

Into the ground.

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