Berls Review: Ghostly Serenade

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This review has been written since June 10th and I just haven’t gotten around to posting it on the blog. I’m struggling to blog while doing this working with no childcare thing. But I’m trying! COVID-19 needs to give me my life back please. Anyway… I’m sorry for the delay Colleen, I loved the book and appreciate the chance to review it!

Berls Review: Ghostly Serenade

To be fair, the previous book in the series was probably my absolute favorite so far and that makes the next book have a lot to live up to. Under normal circumstances this might have gotten a full 4 stars.

What I liked:

  • Chris, Shelbys husband, is kinda the husband you dream of. He supports her crazy life and even being able to read his mind, he isn’t thinking anything awful. He truly loves her and puts up with so much.
  • The change of scene was fun – being in NY and being with the NY Manettos (especially Uncle Joey’s sister, Maggie) was fun. It brought in some new characters that I really liked and I enjoy seeing the way Shelby has basically become family – to the extent that even her kids are family.
  • Speaking of new characters, I really liked the NY detective, Hawk. We learned a bit about him beyond the case and I can’t help but wonder if he will figure in to future books. I hope so.
  • My favorite new character was the nurse (why can’t I remember her name?!). I don’t want to give away too much, but she is special and I would love to see a spin off series with her. (Colleen did you hear that? Spin off please! ❤️🤣)
  • I love seeing the way Uncle Joey is changed by his association with Shelby. He’s still a mob boss, but there’s a reason you love him – he’s not all bad and even less so because of her.

What I didn’t love:

  • So I’ve started rolling my eyes a bit a Shelby and Ramos. I think Shelby just likes flirting and feeling appreciated by handsome men and, while I get that, she has an amazing husband (point number 1 above). So it bothers me and I think I’m over it. Doesn’t ruin the books by any means, but I think if they finally settled down the flirting and just were friendly I think I would enjoy it more.
  • The Savanah crush. To be fair, the crush was incredibly realistic for a teenage girl. I just wish it weren’t a thing. I also think it could be a bigger part of future books and I’m in the fence about that.
  • I’m not sure Shelby should have survived this book. I’m glad she did, and let’s face it, she probably shouldn’t have survived plenty of other books either. For some reason, this one it really struck me that even with Ramos and the police and her mind reading abilities on her side… Yeah, I don’t think she should have made it. Thank goodness she did though – I want more Shelby books!

Even though it wasn’t my favorite of the series (and had a hard act to follow), I really enjoyed Ghostly Serenade like I do all the Shelby books. Always great to get some time with my favorite characters. Looking forward to more (and hopefully a spin off 😉)!3.5 stars pretty goodBerls enjoyed Ghostly Serenade and is hoping for a spin off from @ColleenHelme Click To Tweet

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3 responses to “Berls Review: Ghostly Serenade

  1. Thanks Berls! I so happy you enjoyed the book. Shelby’s next adventure will be coming out in September!! it’s called Dying Wishes. And… to answer your question… yes, I am currently working on a spin-off book all about mysterious Ella!! I’m so excited to tell her story, and can’t wait to share!

    Colleen Helme recently posted: Reading vs. Real Life
    • Yay!!! Oh I’m so glad she’ll have a spin-off book (dare I hope for an entire series?)! I loved Ella and can’t wait to hear her story. And of course, I’ll be ready for some more Shelby too!

      Berls recently posted: #FitReaders ~ July Update