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My top thoughts:

I really appreciated that this book was written for a female audience, since the challenge of getting ahead professionally is very different for women than men.

I think that, if you listen to books just because reading is challenging for you for whatever reason, it’s beautifully narrated and you should go for it. If, however, you read audiobooks because, like me, you like something to listen to while you’re doing other tasks… I’d buy the book in print format instead. Because to really get the most out of this book, I think you should have a notepad, pen, highlighter, etc. So many times I wished I wasn’t driving down the tollway because I really wanted to make note of some piece of advice in the book. So I had to focus really hard on it instead.

I do think the advice was useful and some of it was very timely for me personally. It definitely isn’t a one size fits all book, though. Parts applied to me, others don’t right now, and some probably never will. It’s for a female professional and that can mean lots of different types of roles. I might actually purchase it in print, so that I can reread sections and make notes.

Who I think would like it:

I definitely recommend it to any professional woman trying to figure out how to be successful in this competitive, male-centric world.

Narrator thoughts:

Melanie Carney was a pleasant narrator and made it an easy listen. I could have listened at my normal 2x speed and understood just fine. I chose not to, because I was trying to process information more htan normal.

It was also narrated fully aware that it’s an audiobook; I don’t know if adaptations were made after publishing for audiobook or what, but there were phrases like, “as your listening,” which was nice. And the narration was very smooth.

4 stars Pretty Great

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