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I was so excited when I saw that book 2 was already out for this series and – for the most part – it did not disappoint!

This was definitely a page turner with lots to keep you on the edge of your seat. In the interest of avoiding spoilers, I won’t say what – but something happened in the first book that has MAJOR repercussions for this book. I loved the constant tension that created and the stress it put on the characters and their relationships.

I continue to love this world, with it’s magic and unique interplay with demons. The plot development and the way we’re seeing further into the world through the kids – well teens – growing up and gaining more responsibility is really well executed. It leads to some great twists and even more questions.

The development of the characters and their relationships was pretty great as well. I liked that Teagan is really having to grapple with the losses she suffered in the first book – it’s not as if she’s just magically over it (don’t you hate it when books do that?). And I like that Damien is finding his own path. Even the consequences at home with her family are very real and you FEEL it.

That’s what I loved. The one thing I didn’t love was the way the love triangle developed. I had been okay with it in book 1 because I felt like it was teetering on an edge that could go either way without anyone getting seriously hurt. In this book, it toppled over that edge into hurt territory, big time. And I’m just not a fan of that. It was done well and the reasons were all really believable. Teagan is dealing with a lot of hurt and Josh provides that stability and reassurance she feels she needs. Damien has pushed her away, so that he can find his path and really be worthy of her. But everyone – except Josh, who is living in a major case of denial – knows that deep down Teagan and Damien have feelings for each other. It’s a recipe for lots of hurt all around. It wasn’t enough to pull me away from the book, because- like I said – it was done really well and made PERFECT sense. But those moments were super frustrating to read. You just wanted to reach in the book and slap a few people. And of course, that does keep you fully engaged in the book and propelled forward, hoping everyone will wake up and no decent people will be too badly hurt in the process. Only time will tell.

And once again, Daly has left us on a sort of ledge. Not quite a cliff, in that enough was resolved in this book that I’m not chopping at the bits and cursing her while I wait for the next book. But I wouldn’t mind if it were available right now either! Because there’s enough unanswered questions and enough things I seriously NEED to happen that I’m ready to read book 3 pretty much now. Loving Daly and look forward to more!

4 stars Pretty Great

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    • It does seem to be almost standard for YA doesn’t it? Maybe because teenagers can only have so many romantic obstacles, due to their young age? IDK but they aren’t my favorite trope. They aren’t deal breakers for me, but I do tread more lightly. Overall, I’m really enjoying this series though 🙂