Berls’s Review Policy

  1. My reviews are always my opinion and should not be understood as fact or the opinions of the authors whose book I’m reviewing.

  2. While I try to point out positives, I will always be honest in my reviews. That means that sometimes I can sound harsh. It’s not to be mean, just honest. At least when I say I love a book, you know I’m being 100% honest.

  3. I do my best to avoid spoilers, but if a book is in a series you should expect details from previous books to show up in the review. Otherwise, you should be safe.

  4. I do not receive any monetary compensation for my reviews. I do accept copies of books in exchange for honest reviews of them.

I’m sorry – I’ve had to stop accepting reviews for a little while. I will update this page when that changes. These will still be my policies though. Thanks!

To  Request A Review

Either fill out the Contact Me form or mail me at: with the following information:

  1. Please attach a link to your book on Goodreads, Shelfari or Amazon so that I can look into it.

  2. Tell me why you think I would enjoy the book AND why you think it’s a good fit for Fantasy is More Fun. I want to make sure it’s in both our best interests that I review your book – you want a review from someone who will like it and I want to enjoy what I read 🙂

  3. When do you need the review done by? If you’re flexible let me know, as sometimes my calendar may be the biggest factor in why I can/cannot review your book.

  4. Where do you want the review?  I’ll obviously be posting it to my blog and I usually post my reviews to Goodreads as well. Shelfari, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble are a bit more hit and miss for me, but if you want it there let me know.

  5. OH – and if your book is part of a series (and not the first book), let me know. Have I reviewed the earlier books on my blog? If not, will you provide me with them?


Thanks for following these procedures to help me answer your requests more quickly and efficiently!