Changes are coming but it’s all good…just a posted note!

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I have been thinking…I do that a lot lately…more thinking than actually doing. Don’t panic (for those that might have thought about panicking) I am not closing my blog or going on hiatus or whatever else people do when they want a change. This blog found me amazing friends, broke me out of my shell and helped me start a business of my own. It gave me my self confidence, even if sometimes I am unsure it’s nothing like before. I love my blog and everything about it. This post is really to let you know what memes/features will be going on hiatus for a couple months or maybe until next year or maybe never again. I think a lot of us burn out because we are trying so hard to find original content, I just want to chat books and post fun stuff once in a while. I never wanted to be popular or the next big thing. I can’t take pressure like that, I like just being little old Because Reading, in my own little corner with all my friends and books.

So as of next week these are the memes and features that I will be taking a break from.Β 

Task it Tuesday ~ I have tried so hard to make this work it just never picked up. Maybe in a couple of months I can bring it back again but for now I might just show off my planner once in a while or chat about my week.

Sunday Post ~ This was a hard choice but for now I think I need to just put it aside. I will come visit still but I want to visit you all more during the week instead of just on Sunday. I might start it again in September but for now this last Sunday was my last Sunday Post for a while.

Cover Characteristics ~ I know you have already realized that this isn’t coming back. As much fun as it seemed it was just a lot more work than I expected. I want to do something with covers just no right now.

Bookish conversations will still happen but since I don’t have any at the moment I am not stressing about it. If I find something fun to chat about I will post it. It’s not going on Hiatus it just might not happen anytime soon until I can think of something to chat about! πŸ™‚

These are the memes and features that will be sticking around but will be either every other week or every once in a while.

Five on Friday ~ I am making this more bookish but still fun

Currently I’m ~ I am loving this, just a quick way to give updates on what is going on.

Top Ten ~ As I said about I love this meme, I just started it this year but its fun to write about the topics and you can do a bunch of them at a time.

#Wishlist ~ Still working on how I want this to work, I am thinking Waiting on Wednesday with a twist. Might find it in June.

Of course also keeping Monthly Book Report, Monthly Rewind, My TBR List and all my Reviews! πŸ™‚

Also at least 3 new fun memes and features are coming. These all will be thrown in each month but nothing will be weekly.

I am working on a few other things. So don’t count me out yet. I have ideas but I want to make the stress of trying to get posts done less than what it is now. If I post, I post. I hope you will still stop by to visit, because I do love chatting with all of you.

I love doing this…I love all of you… I love the blogging community. I have just seen a lot of awesome bloggers calling it quits and I don’t want to be one of them, so I think a change is needed and I think it will be for the good!

Thanks for stopping by, You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Have a great day and Happy Reading!

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8 responses to “Changes are coming but it’s all good…just a posted note!

  1. The Sunday Post is the one I love for catching up, so I try to do it every week even though I haven’t had much time lately to do even that. But I agree, sometimes you gotta shuffle things around. Just like in the house, rearrange to make things fresh. Even though I don’t have much of a way to rearrange in my house. lol I’ll still be swinging by even if I don’t always comment. πŸ™‚

    A Voracious Reader recently posted: The Sandman, Vol 8
    • I do that a lot, I’m like a blog stalker. All blogs I subscribe too, I read the emails just don’t get the chance to stop by and comment but I’m reading πŸ™‚
      I love catching up too, just crazy right now to do weekly things that can’t be done ahead of time. I think a change will help, I’m looking forward to it and you never know, I might be back to the Sunday post sooner than September. πŸ™‚

  2. Aw will miss you on the Sunday Post but glad you’re not leaving. And I love your I’m currently feature, that’s a great idea! Blogging is so time consuming you gotta do what you gotta do to stay sane! Good luck with your changes!

    Greg recently posted: Runaways Vol.1 Pride and Joy
    • I will be back to the Sunday post eventually just need to take a break from it. I am loving the Currently I’m…I am starting to see other bloggers doing it now. It’s fun quick way to let everyone know what you are doing. I think my posts won’t change just the type of post I do. It might be light until I can catch up.

    • No, I will be sticking around πŸ™‚ wishlist I have better ideas for. I’m getting excited. I’m starting to see others doing the Currently I’m post also. Just a fun way to update. Think this will be the refresh the blog needs and eventually I’ll add back the Sunday post. Right now it’s just all the same…I’m just boring lol

  3. I totally understand, sometimes you just don’t have the time or motivation for some posts and it works better to take the time off or only do them whenever you feel like it. I recently had to make a change on my blog as well and put my discussion and advice posts on a break. I am sure they’ll come back eventually, but I am not going to stress about or force myself to write them.

    I am sorry to hear you won’t be doing the Sunday post anymore though as I always enjoy that post an hearing what you’re up to. But I am sure there are other ways to keep up to date instead :). I am glad you won’t be stopping blogging. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and revaluate things. i hope this new way of blogging works out for you!