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Welcome to Cover Characteristic! This is originally Hosted by Sugar and Snark but the blogger is on hiatus and I thought I would do my own take on it. When they return, I will juggle between doing mine and theirs. Don’t want to step on any toes. I have been eyeing up the meme for a while and am excited to finally be joining in.

This weeks theme is Superheroes

Books I Read

I love a good Superhero book. Even thought Superman is really the superhero to his story I really think in Gwenda Bond’s series we get a good spin making Lois Lane the actual hero. City of Legends series, loved the covers, I only shared the first book but each one is similar with different colors. It’s eye catching and the series in amazing. Red Riding Hood Superhero I wish was a fill length Graphic Novel because that story is fantastic. My favorite out of these is Wonder Woman Super Hero High! I love this cover and I have the hard copy of it and I feel it up often. 🙂

Books I want to Read

I have a weekness for the superkids in High School. I am screaming for Triple Threat, I know it’s not the official cover but I do love the pre-covers. It gets me very excited. My favorite cover is Supergirl cover. I didn’t add it bit I love the Batgirl cover for that series too. 😉

Book I Found

While searching I found these…..while searching I found these and might have added them to my TBR. LOL. I actually have seem Gotham Academy before and want to read that series. My favorite of the 4 is The Legend of Frog. After reading the synopsis I realize he might be a prince or a superhero, I honestly love the entire look of that cover, so much action going on and the author writes another series I love so I might have to move this one up to books I want to really read! 🙂

Next weeks theme is Pirates

Thanks for stopping by to check out this awesome covers.

Have a great day and Happy Reading!


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13 responses to “Cover Characteristic ~ Superheroes

  1. I don’t know if you heard, she just came back this week, so there are topics posted on her site for the upcoming weeks, in case you want to check them out 🙂

    Superheroes is a fun topic! My faves are the Gwenda Bond ones. I haven’t read those, but I’ve read her Girl on a Wire books. I loved the first, the second was decent. But anyway, the Lois Lane covers really pop and grab my attention! I also like the Ms. Marvel cover and Wearing the Cape.

    • I did see she came back. I might alternate and jump on with her if I like the topic or use mine. I have so many written down. I want her to have credit for the meme but I might use my topics for a bit.

      Lois Lane series is amazing I love it. I love how she makes Lois the hero and Clark is in the background.

  2. I read.. well DNF’d but I think you would maybe like it … a superhero book. I would have given it 2 stars except I’m so done with finishing 2 star books. For some reason I can’t remember what it’s called… something Kahn. Maybe that’s the author? IDK I suck. lol! Did you see that the hosts are back? Greg mentioned it in his Cover Characteristics.

    • No I didn’t, I will have to check it out. Still might do some of mine if I don’t like the topic. I didn’t get to visit anyone today yet 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t have guessed City of Legends was a superhero story from that cover, but it is a nice cover. The Super Women cover really has that MG superhero feel. I don’t read a lot of books with superheroes, but I read the first two books in a series last year that featured a superhero that were really good. I once organized a tour for that author of Wearing the Cape, so I had seen that one before. They look interesting.