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As we announced earlier today in our first ever Facebook Live, we had planned to transform COYER into a year long challenge beginning in May. But, with the quarantine situation, we decided we could all use our wonderful COYER community…. so we’re kicking off COYER Quarantine Edition on Monday, March 23rd.


So the first part of this is that COYER will now be all year. That’s right! For all-year COYER, we will have traditional rules:

  • Read Your E-Reads! Every book you read MUST be in an electronic format – meaning E-Book or Audiobook. It’s okay to start a book before March 23rd, but you must be less than half way for it to count then review it during COYER.
  • The books must be FREE or NEARLY FREE! This includes review books, tour books, NetGalley, Edelweiss, etc. What’s nearly free? No more than $2 for eBooks and no more than $5 for Audiobooks (or the equivalent in your currency). This does NOT include library books, borrowed books, or Kindle Unlimited books.
  • Review & Link Reviews! Your review may be on your blog, Goodreads, Shelfari, Booklikes, etc. Link the review to the Review Linky (which we will have as an announcement at the top of the blog).

At the end of the year we will give away (2) $10 Gift Cards from this year long review linky. While there will be all kinds of special events during the year long COYER (like COYER: Quarantine Edition), only books that meet the above rules should go on this linky. We will have separate prizes for the other books you read, don’t worry!

Quarantine Edition

Throughout the year, we will have different events that run as part of the COYER all year event. The first one is COYER: Quarantine edition. The theme is: feeling good! Through our community and the books we read, we’re going to help each other feel good. Since we are quite literally throwing this together in an afternoon, it’s not fully planned and will grow and change as the year progresses.

How long will it last? Well, we don’t know how long we’ll be in quarantine, so who really knows. We’re going to make this first segment of COYER go through August 31, though we REALLY HOPE we’ll be out of quarantine long before that.

What are the rules?

  • Announce your participation! This can be a blog post (or if you don’t have a blog – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Booklikes, Goodreads, Shelfari, etc.) If you want to list books you would like to read, that’s great, but not necessary. The point is to let everyone know you’re committed to COYER, maybe share some goals, and help spread the word.
  • Link up! Link that post (not just your blog homepage) to the linky below.
  • You can read any book, any format, if it meets the following criteria:
    1. Is part of a readathon we’re doing. We aren’t planning them in advance this time. Follow us in our facebook group for details as we start new ones.
    2. Is a buddy read. That’s right, buddy reading is back. Read a book with a COYER participant and chat with them about it. Unlimited number of reads with a buddy (no restriction this time), as long as you tell us their rating in your review.
    3. Is a COYER book club read. In our FB live today we decided to do a monthly book club. So join us in the group for details. Whatever book we read for book club will count.
  • Visit Each Other, Chat, Support Each Other & Have Fun!

Books you read as part of COYER: Quarantine Edition will go into a rafflecopter, which will be on the same page as the review linky. We will have (1) $5 Amazon gift card as the prize at the end of August.

A post will be made in the Facebook Group after this post is live for any and all questions you might have.

Social Media

The Facebook Group is really going to be home to this challenge now, so make sure you’ve joined us. We will randomly post in the group with games, book recommendations, etc.

After today’s Facebook Live, we decided that this was a lot of fun and a great way to chat. So moving forward we’ll do Facebook Lives instead of Twitter Parties. Look for announcements of when in the Facebook group.

And finally, we will do an Instagram challenge for the month of April. Look for that to come in the Facebook group.

So basically…. check the Facebook group 🙂

Happy COYER! Stay Safe and Support Each Other!

Berls & Michelle are making #COYER all year, starting with a special Quarantine Edition. Join them here! Share on X

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