Earls Just Want to Have Fun was… a lot of fun!

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The title Earls Just Want to Have Fun grabbed my attention when it came up as a read for book club – and it turned out to be a really fun book!

I think what I liked most about Earls Just Want to Have Fun was the female main character – Marlowe. She’s not your typical historical romance heroine – she’s not a prim young lady, a secretly scandalous lady, or an experienced widow… She’s a common thief, a pickpocket. She was kidnapped from her life as Lady Elizabeth as a child – a past she doesn’t remember and knows nothing about. So when she gets pulled back into that world, she goes kicking, screaming and biting. Literally. She was hilarious!

And then there’s Dane. He’s a lord, sits on parliament and has no compassion for the poor of England – until Marlowe is hurled into his life. I loved watching her unsettle his assumptions, as much as I loved seeing her devour a meal.

I don’t have a reason for why this isn’t a five star read for me – it just didn’t always hold my attention, as much as I did enjoy it. I wish I had listened to it, as I think it would have been a real treat to hear a good narrator saying things like “bubbies”. It made me laugh and I enjoyed the use of vernacular and slang, but I think I would have enjoyed it even more in audio.

A really enjoyable historical romance, a bit off the beaten path – I recommend Earls Just Want to Have Fun for a fun read.

Berls had fun with Earls Just Want to Have Fun. 4/5 stars! Share on X

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4 responses to “Earls Just Want to Have Fun was… a lot of fun!

    • I’ve read more of the series since then and I have to say the series is a favorite! I love the way Galen messes with rich and poor England! πŸ™‚