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Fit Readers is a group/challenge run by Felicia @ Geeky Bloggers Book Blog and Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About, designed to support and encourage each other on our health and fitness goals. In years past I’ve participated but just done quick updates on my Sunday Post. This year, I want my goals to be a top priority, so I’m going to share my updates in a separate, more detailed weekly post. The day it appears will probably fluctuate, though, so just keep your eyes out for it 🙂

Update for October 10 – 16

I have set 5 goals for the month.

  1. Get down to my pre-pregnancy weight (ongoing goal – not just for the month). Even though I’m still doing the 5 lb yo-yo, I ended the week down 1 pound from where I started the month. And I FINALLY got to the doctor this week to remove the IUD that’s been giving me trouble since January and am extremely hopeful that I’ll start to feel better (and that it was part of my problem).
  2. Begin C25k again, doing either C25k or 30 minute walk 5 times per week. I got in 5 walks this week. I’ve started bringing Dante in his stroller, which means added weight (yay!) but I’m not keen to try running with that.
  3. Switch my treats to healthier versions and limit to 1 per day, with an extra glass of wine 3 times per week. I’m doing better with this one. I’ve switched my ice cream out for Yasso and I had wine 2 days this week.
  4. Get in 2 hours a week minimum of virtual exercise classes. I got in 75 minutes. This goal is proving more challenging that I expected :/
  5. Drink between 64 oz and 1 Gallon of water a day. I had two days of 45 oz, but the rest were over 64 oz.

Update Schedule:

I’m going to try and be more consistent about updating every week for accountability. I think the best way to do that is to give myself a good buffer and a plan (I”m a list/schedule girl). So here’s the update schedule (it will stay about a week behind):

  • Friday 10/30: Update for 10/17 – 10/23 & Goals for November
  • Friday 11/6: Update for 10/24 – 10/30
  • Friday 11/13: Update for 10/31 – 11/6
  • Friday 11/20: Update for 11/7 – 11/13
  • Friday 11/27: Update for 11/14 – 11/20

What are your health & fitness goals for October? How are you taking care of yourself during COVID-19?  Happy Health and Fitness!

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