Getting my things in order

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When I started this blog. I will be honest and say I was just winging it 🙂

But I will give all of you other bloggers a lot of credit……This is a lot harder then I thought but I will not give up.

Going into this I wanted to take my time. I always tend to rush into things and then when I fail at it, I just assume its me and back out.

But not this time… I am slowing down and taking my time to get and give all I can to make people come back and chat with me about my passion of books.

The name of the blog in no way reflects that I hate my life (my mom was worried about the name lol) just the everyday working, laundry and cleaning. Because I love it (my life not the working, laundry and cleaning, and the bills stink too) 😉 being able to escape into a good book once the house is quiet is one of my favorite things to do.

So I wanted to take this time to tell you a little bit about me……

I am blessed with an amazing, handsome and hard working Husband who I have know for 15 years and have been Married to for 10…. absolutely adore him (which is a good thing since you don’t want to be married to someone you hate) 🙂

I have two awesome children…..

 They usually don’t have mustaches 🙂

My son Ryan is 8 and is on the Autism Spectrum (PDD-NOS). That in itself is an adventure. What an amazing kid he is. Everyday he makes me more and more proud of him. We have gone through so much together and I will never stop fighting for him or helping him. He makes me see life a little different 🙂 (On April 2nd its Autism Awareness Day and Ryan and I will be featuring a special edition of What’s on your bookshelf?” that day hope you will stop by)

My daughter Julia is 5, she is a funny, smart and beautiful little girl. She is my little ballerina (The picture under the about me is of her in her Tutu). We can talk for hours. I love my girl time with her.  She teaches me to slow down and just enjoy the day and not be so worried about the little stuff. 

 Buttons’ & Dexter

I also have two fluffy children Dexter our Cockapoo and Buttons our Ferocious Calico Cat 🙂

I am a Graphic Designer. I work for a company that makes Menus, Diner Menus, I have to admit its a lot of fun and makes me rather hungry sometimes 🙂

I also enjoy cooking…..I love to cook. I watch the Food Network a lot!!!! 
When I’m not watching the Food Network, I watch, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Grimm, Game of Thrones, Face Off on Sci-Fi and OF COURSE Once Upon a Time (  
 and I love repeats of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lois and Clark, Hercules and some reality shows. Besides that I like to play video games with my kids and without them sometimes….and I am a HUGE fan of Disney!!! Everything DISNEY. We usually go on vacation every year to Disney, I have made my kids Disney crazy also 🙂 I spend a lot of time at the Jersey Shore in Summer (please don’t compare that statement with that stupid show on MTV, I hate that show). But I am 100% a fall and winter girl. I love Halloween and Christmas. Even at this age I am still like a little kid on Christmas Morning 🙂

So now that you know a little bit more about me lets get back to business!!!!

So I am working on a few things and I’m getting ready for my first Blog Tour next weekend (Sunday March, 17th) I can’t wait.

It will be for Author Chelsea Falin
I just read her first book “Loved it” and it will be Thursday’s Feature book
Less Than Humble Beginnings (Growing Roots, #1)
Less Than Humble Beginnings 
(Growing Roots, #1) Novella
I will include my review for it. When I feature it on Thursday
Then on Sunday March 17th I will be hosting a blog tour for her
second book in the series. I will also be reviewing that one as well
 Please go over to her website and check her out. She is a very sweet person and I am honored to be able to do this for her.

Both books are not that long (being a Novella) but are filled with so much passion and an amazing story. I can’t wait till next week 🙂

At the moment I am currently reading
Splintered (Splintered, #1)

 and OMG I am LOVING it. Another Twisted Version of a Fairy Tale 
and Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite crazy stories ever.
This is one of those books like Cinder and Scarlet that I can’t wait to share my review with you.

I do hope you enjoyed a little insight into me and some updates
and Please don’t forget to stop by on Thursday March 14th and Sunday March 17th.

And if you wish to participate in Thursdays Feature
please email me
 a book you want to recommend and a couple lines stating why you loved it
Plus anything else you wish to add (blog address/Facebook or Twitter)

Also if you haven’t already pop on over to my facebook page and give it a like!!!

Until Next Time……
Have a Great Day
Happy Reading!!!!

michelle oxox

About Michelle

I am a mom to two pretty amazing kids, four pretty cute fluffy children and a wife to one adorable husband. I am a gamer, reader and a graphic designer with 20 years experience. I recently started my own business "Limabean Designs" to help other bloggers, authors and anyone else create amazing things that they would be proud to show off. I have been reading since forever and started blogging because I love sharing all the awesome books this world has to offer. I am also the co-host for the COYER Challenge, Reading Assignment Challenge and the Bookish Resolutions Challenge. I try to create a warm welcoming environment on my blog where authors, readers, and bloggers will have a great time. Let’s chat books, games, blogging, recipes, design, or family over a cup of coffee and a glass of wine!



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5 responses to “Getting my things in order

  1. I LOVE your design . . it is so pretty!!! I have a son who is 10 and has moderate learning difficulties with lots of autistic traits . .we have been lucky enough to start him in SEN education this term, rather than mainstream and his frustration is easing! I am obviously a new follower from Book Blogs 🙂
    Kirsty @ All in One Place
    P.S. have you

    • Thank you! My son is also not mainstreamed. He gets frustrated very easy also. We found a great school for him that is helping with his behavior and autism. He also suffers from extreme anxiety which we are dealing with now. It took us a long time to get to this point but I'm seeing a lot of changes in him for the better and I'm so happy 🙂

      Thanks for the follow and I followed

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Just been working on stuff, This blogging thing is a lot harder then it seems lol.

      You have so much stuff going on, on your blog!!!! I'm hoping in the next couple weeks to get some more blog tours and cover reveals. I'm so scared to do a giveaway I'm not ready for that yet. Plus I don't know how to get the stuff to giveaway lol. I also think i need