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happy halloweenHappy Halloween my friends!

I was trying to figure out what to talk about on Halloween and I thought how about a Ghost Story, a true ghost story….

It was about 13 years ago and I just moved out of my parents house into my own apartment. Well, it just so happens to the house my dad grew up in, My grandparents passed away and the house was empty for a year so we cleaned it out and I moved in. I love this place and it was perfect for me. It was my first time being alone, I had just gotten a dog so I had someone to keep me company.  My boyfriend at the time (now my husband) use to come over later in the evening so we can hang out and he would sleep over on the weekends since we spent the weekends together anyway. One day he come over early, we decided we would go out for dinner so he left to go home and get changed, while he was home getting ready I thought why not take a nap then when he comes back he can wake me and we can go.

Really quick let me explain, the apartment is small it has a kitchen, living room and two bed rooms (and of course a bathroom) and it’s in a rectangle shape.  If you are laying in the bed in my room you can see the doorway of the kitchen that is connected to the other bedroom 🙂

Back to the story, I laid down in the bed and my dog laid next to me, I was facing the window not the doorway looking into the kitchen, I must have fallen asleep for a while because when I got up it was dark in the house the only light was the street light coming in through the windows. I sat up in the bed and slowly turned my head to look at the kitchen doorway, the figure took up the entire doorway it wore a trench like coat and one of those old mafia looking rimmed hats. I looked at it turned my head back to the window and quickly turned my head back to the door as it slowly turned and disappeared. I jumped out of bed and ran into the kitchen, flipped on all the lights and realized I was still all by myself. From that moment on I always slept with the light on over the stove because I was so scared I would see him again.

The house makes weird noises and I have seen him (whoever he is) three times. One time I saw him in the window when I came home from a night out with my husband I thought it was my mom looking out the window in the back of the house and it happened so fast, it was like she leaned to look out the window but when I looked again she was gone, but when we got inside I realized my mom was in the front of the house not the back. That was the only time and last time I saw him when I was married otherwise I still hear the noises but no sightings, oh and the mystery of the door downstairs that kept unlocking and the people downstairs thought we were doing it and we thought they were. I almost felt like whoever he was never here to hurt me maybe watch over me cause I was alone? To this day my husband doesn’t believe me and he never experienced anything but the doors and he still thinks we all forgot to lock the doors, but I know what I saw and I know what I hear.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

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Have a very happy and safe Halloween!


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2 responses to “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. If I had seen that I don’t think I’d still be living there – I wouldn’t be able to sleep! I guess since he’s never hurt you, though, there’s no reason to fear. Would you ever get out a Ouija board to try and talk to him? I’d be curious, but I think fear would stop me. LOL I really am a chicken. But those things always lead to death in the movies!

    • lol no I never thought to try but I also don’t want to bring anything else into my house that isn’t wanted. He has been very quiet for a very long time. Sometimes I miss him being around but with the kids it’s better he doesn’t show up 🙂