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I am honored to have on my blog today

Anne Pyterek

and her book To Hear The Rest More Clearly

About the Author

AuthorPhoto1 Originally from Chicago, Anne left the City of Big Shoulders in 2005—at her heroine’s request! She drove off into the sunset in a big blue bus with her then 11 year old son, a managerie of animals and no income. She did this for the adventure, the learning and to find out about her heroine Calliope’s childhood. She and her son live in Colorado now, still in the bus, on 120 acres with a pack of semi-feral dogs, surrounded by coyotes.

Anne is the author of three books and has been writing for a long time. She’s only recently began her publishing adventure. This beginning phase is about collecting reviews, blurbs and starting to generate her grassroots word of mouth campaign. Please accept her offer for one of the 2,000 review copies she is giving away.

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About the Book


To Hear the Rest More Clearly: The Story of Calliope Braintree

by Anne V. Pyterek

Calliope Braintree’s daring adventure is a romp on the Wild side, in the middle of Chicago!
Aided by the Muse of Epic Poetry, an urban coyote and the Chicago River, Calliope not only saves herself from the ravages of abuse, self-loathing and sexual humiliation, she finds herself! She finds genuine happiness. It’s not easy for her, though. She has to remember the long forgotten plan she and Muse had made for this life, but memories do come, in confusing fits and starts. As an orphan groping, homeless, and sure of nothing but her urge to write, she seems to stumble into doing right by herself. But it’s no accident. A unique and unusual individual, she ignores convention, preferring to listen to her Muse (the best part of herself). She follows Coyote, who leads her well away from the degrading and harsh brutality of her life, straight into a haven of safety.

Calliope goes to live in a hidden pocket of Wildness, alive in the city. Still in the world, she is no longer of it, and she’s glad. Living on the riverbank of the Chicago River, Calliope finds River to be a powerful entity. Polluted and tormented as she is, River is still able to transform the toxins polluting Calliope’s mind…just by flowing ever so slowly along. This process climaxes in a Trickster-ized version of the Book of Revelations, after which, Calliope’s life will never be the same again.

Together, this holy trinity of Muse, Coyote and River creates exactly what Calliope needs to finally write her book, and to write it brilliantly! The ending of this novel is as happy as the beginning is painful.
(Contains Adult content.)

Chat With The Author

Talk about your process.
It took me ten years to write this book. I had no idea it was going to become a series. But about seven or eight years into it, I realized I was trying to cram in way too much. I realized it had to become a series.

Ten years! That’s a long time, a lot of dedication. How did you do it?
Well, it wasn’t ten years of productive writing. Most of that time was spent not writing. Weeks, months would go by without my giving it a single thought. Then, when I did think about it, all I could do was beat myself up for being such a slacker. I’m over that, thanks to Calliope. Doing something like writing a book requires a lot of self-confidence; more than I ever had when I started. Luckily, I didn’t realize what a big thing I was undertaking when I started. At this point, it’s become my spiritual practice. I am very careful about what I write, because it has the tendency to come true.

Yes. This is not autobiographical, but Calliope and I are a lot alike. Working out my own problems, resolving them through fiction, creates similar resolutions in my life. It doesn’t present in the exact same way, of course. It’s more like an analogy. The patterns, motivations and dynamics are the same, while the situations are different. Different expressions of the same thing. And I’m very careful to only write happy endings…although “happy” remains a relative term! More like productive endings. Good, solid improvements, definite progress. And, no tragic endings!

And you say this is a spiritual practice? That’s fascinating!
It’s my very own spiritual practice, made out of my own stuff. I’ve never been a good follower. Writing about finding one’s voice, while in the process of finding one’s voice, is funny… it’s a very protracted and self-referential act. It’s how I’m re-creating myself in my own image.

How do you mean?
I mean that even though I was in an isolated frame of mind, stewing in my own juice, so to speak, I steadfastly refused to remain silent. Even though I totally kept what I was doing to myself and was, in fact, quite silent, the work continued in solitude, quite loud, mentally, in its formation process. Eventually it grew to the point where I could no longer contain it in silence. I found my voice and now I get to use it.

And so, the publishing company!
Just starting. I’m not a fan of eBooks, myself, but I find them to be an easy and brilliant way to get my work into the hands of just about anybody. I’m thinking of this period as Phase One. I’m starting to collect reviews, blurbs and get the word of mouth ball rolling. I’m on a quest to give away 2,000 copies of my three books.

How do our readers go about getting a copy?
It’s quite easy! Use coupon code NG25B to “buy” a copy at Smashwords. You have to go through the checkout process, as if you’re paying money for it, but it costs nothing and takes less than a minute. This coupon expires July 31, 2014 but people can contact me through facebook or my blog after that and I’ll give them the new code number. To Hear The Rest More Clearly at Smashwords

Make sure to pick up your free copy today offer ends July 31st!!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today to check out this amazing author and her book!

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2 responses to “To Hear The Rest More Clearly by Anne Pyterek ~ Author Spotlight

  1. I knew the first one would take the longest…and it did! Writing it laid out the course for my life more than predicting it. I tried writing “I have a million dollars” over and over but it didn’t do anything. Ha ha! Apparently it has to be the focused kind of writing that goes into composition. Makes sense since my heroine is a writer too. <3

  2. I definitely get how it can take 10 years to write something – to me writing is so much more emotional than a standard job because it really gets into you. I don’t know that I can say what I write predicts my life but I think my writing mood definitely impacts my day-to-day life. Great interview Michelle 🙂