How does my garden grow? Part 2

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Garden Grow

It’s that time of year to get your gardens ready for planting and I thought why not share with you my garden. I will try to put up tips, veggie info and maybe a recipe or two which the yummy goodness you get from a home grown garden. I realize that watching a garden grow is as painful as watching pain dry but as the flowers start to come up and the veggies start to grow it will get a lot more interesting…at least I hope it will  I plan to do a few updates a month so you can see the progress.

The Garden

Is done and planted, I am so excited and have been watching it like a hawk since I recently discovered that we might have a Gopher in front of my house. I did yell down his hidey hole that if he knows whats best for him he will stay AWAY from my garden. Lets hope he listens, would hate to have to beat him up. I will fight for my garden. It was a great day also to plan the veggies, not to hot and not to cold. The sky was overcast and it dripped a little but no big rain storms. My daughter and I went to the store bright and early and got what we needed only to have my husband go back because I forgot to by the black weed protector covering, can’t plant a garden with out it. Next time I will make a list 😉

The Plants

I got a lot of goodies. I was trying to see how to explain them all to you so I made a picture with numbers on it to indicated which plant is which. Not that it really matters but I thought for those keeping track or if you started taking bets on which plant the Gopher will get first this is an easy chart to follow! (BTW please ignore the spooky fence in the picture, I’m waiting on the landlord (my dad) to fix it, however, I am still waiting for a doorbell and I have been here 17 years, so he’s a little slow) 😉

Garden Pick #

  1. Curly Parsley
  2. Flat Parsley
  3. Italian Oregano
  4. Greek Oregano
  5. Anaheim Hot Peppers
  6. Anaheim Hot Peppers
  7. Strawberries
  8. Basil
  9. Peppermint
  10. Basil
  11. Husky Cherry Red Tomato
  12. Yellow Cherry Tomato
  13. Red Beef Steak Tomato
  14. Red Beef Steak Tomato
  15. Black Krim Tomato
  16. Pink Brandywine Tomato
  17. Mexibelle Spicy Bell Peppers
  18. Gypsy Peppers
  19. Gypsy Peppers
  20. Cajun Bell Spicy Peppers
  21. Cajun Bell Spicy Peppers
  22. Mucho Nacho Jumbo Jalapeno Peppers
  23. Mucho Nacho Jumbo Jalapeno Peppers
  24. Beans
  25. Patty Pan Golden Squash
  26. Cucumber
  27. Bonnie Green Pepper (Sweet)
  28. Bonnie Green Pepper (Sweet)
  29. Bonnie Green Pepper (Sweet)
  30. Serano Chili Peppers
  31. Mini Eggplant
  32. Yellow Rose Bush

Pictures of the Garden


Thanks for stopping by to check out Part 2 of How does my garden grow?
Now is the fun part we get to watch it grow….doesn’t really sound fun but I hope you will come back 🙂
Have a great day!

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15 responses to “How does my garden grow? Part 2

  1. I love your spooky fence, lol ! You did great with the use of the space – maybe you can add certain pots of flowers to keep particulars insects at bay ? I wonder if there is a plant that repells gophers…

    Red Iza recently posted: Hottie of the week
    • I want to attract bees since they are great for tomato plants but I do have a few buggers I need to keep away. I haven’t seen the gopher yet so I am hoping he moved along on his way but he must be someplace because the hole was big (we covered up the hole with dirty and he hasn’t dug back through.

  2. Wow, it looks great so far! I don’t garden (since I kill everything lol) but my mother-in-law has planted some fruit and vegetables. It gets really hot here and with our drought we have to conserve water. So here’s hoping something grows for us.

    Kathy recently posted: ARC Book Review – Dark Triumph
  3. Wow, so many things!!! And I’m betting the gopher goes for #25, the squash! LoL Or hopefully nothing! I think there was a bird pecking at my garlic, since when I went to water this morning there were a bunch of holes. Stay away from my garlic!!!

    I’d love to grow some fresh Serrano Peppers, or Fresnos! Maybe if my container gardening goes well, I can upgrade next year. 😉

    • Well someone stepped on one of the plants so I am hoping even if the sprout on top is gone it will still grow, I am not sure who did it but I have two guesses and they both live in my house.

      I saw at home depot (do you have those by you?) they have patio planters and they are a nice size I almost bought them myself to plant more stuff but the girl down stairs is planting some pots and we wouldn’t have any room if I did more 🙂

      • Aw! I hope it’ll still grow, too!

        We do have Home Depot! My dad practically lives there on the weekends. I’ll have to check those out, but I would need to figure where I could put them so the pups can’t get to them. Odette eats everything. :-/

        Angie F. recently posted: Chick Flick Friday: Notting Hill
  4. Waiting to see them grow is one of my favourite parts of gardening. We unexpectedly got a few plants from my boyfriend’s mom, which are now standing in front of our window. No idea which spices and veggies we got though. I think we have tomatoes and some sort of pepper and a few spices, but not sure which.
    It’s fun how you numbered your plants so we can see what is where and lol at the spooky fench! And what is plant 32, it isn’t listed, that one looks big already! Good luck with your garden and I hope they all will start to grow soon!