I’m going on a break! But don’t cheat on me, we are totally getting back together!

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This has been a rough year. Lots of little things have caused lots of stress and I am just overwhelmed but I love my blog and I will be back, just need a break. I know this is the second one I took but I have a lot going on and the good news is a lot of it has to do with Limabean Designs! A bunch of jobs that are taking up a lot of my time and causing me to have to put the blog on hold until I can get a better balance.

My goal is to come back after my vacation, which will be August 19th (first Sunday after vacation) but it might not be until after labor day.

BUT…My TBR List will still be live during August because I still need you to help me pick my next read! Which will probably be reverse harem because that’s what I seem to be enjoying! 🙂

It’s only a break nothing long term, I just have a business to get in order, I am excited that it is finally showing some signs of life. I am also loving that I also have ideas of how to expand the business and plans for other stuff that I can do and sell. It’s overwhelming but a very good thing. Now I just need to get my confidence to keep up because that is something that seems to be stopping me from doing what I know I can do.

Real life is just stressful but at this point I feel like I just need a break and vacation should help. I need to start over with a clear head and the blog, I plan to take the time while I am off to slowly do some posts without having to rush to get them done. I actually have some ideas and posts that I want to do in the coming months and it’s making me feel somewhat motivated.

So don’t cheat on me while I am gone because we are totally getting back together when I get back!

Love to you all!

Enjoy the summer, if I am not back until September and don’t forget you can still find me
on Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads or friend me on Facebook! 🙂

Happy Reading! ox

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5 responses to “I’m going on a break! But don’t cheat on me, we are totally getting back together!

  1. Have a great break Michelle, and glad to hear Limabean is doing well! Take care and enjoy summer!!!!

  2. That’s awesome to hear Limabean designs is doing well lately. I hope the break helps you and things will be less stressful. And keep your confidence up, your design work is awesome!