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This weeks Topic: Scars you have

I am going to assume this is actual scars and not mental scars. You know, like when your mom makes you wear the ugliest Olive Oyl Overalls (my older sisters hand me down) to elementary school, you cry and beg not to wear it but she makes you go anyway….it was like Bright RED with Olive Oyl on the front pocket…..OLIVE OYL!!! I’m 95% sure it was also corduroy which made it worse, I was and am scarred for life and I have serious issues about hand me downs now but….

That’s not the scars we are talking about I am going to guess they are physical. I didn’t take pictures because trust me you don’t want to see pictures of my legs but I did get one of my hand. Each scar tells a story and I picked the major ones…

Right Leg ~

  1. inside knee I have a scar from when I was younger. A bunch of friends and I were playing in the hall of a friends house and my knee went through a glass window in the door. It was pretty bad and left an interesting scar

Left Leg ~

  1. inside knee, roller staking I fell on a rock of all the places for this rock to be it had to be right where I fell. It was like an arrow head. I remember not crying but running in the house with blood gushing from the wound my mom cleaned it up and I was out roller skating again within the hour.
  2. outside upper thigh I stabbed myself with a pocket knife I took from my dad because I am an idiot and shouldn’t have been playing with it but I thought it would be cool. I went to close it and was going to do this slick move of swiping it on my leg to close but nope instead of swiping, I stabbed. One stitch for the little boo boo.

Right Arm ~

  1. that bone on your wrist I have a scar that is round. When I was younger we were on the boardwalk and they had this metal slide and when I slid down it my wrist slid down the entire slide and I got a metal type burn. It hurt so bad and I remember it being all red and skinless. This happened I think when I was 8 or 9 you can still see it on my wrist but it was coming out to light when I took a picture.

Left Hand ~

This one I have a picture

IMG_2717I was cooking dinner for Super Bowl Sunday two years ago I took a tray out of the oven and put it on the table since I wasn’t using an oven mitt and only a dish towel I grabbed the next tray out of the oven and when I put it on the table the back of my hand hit the other tray leaving this nasty burn on my hand. I believe it was much worse than I let on because it was really nasty for a while and this is the scar that it left. I call it my cooking war scar. They say, (I don’t know who they are but just go with it) if you burn yourself when you cook it means it’s going to be delicious! I have to tell you my cooking must be amazing because I don’t remember not getting burn when I cook. 🙂

Do you have any impressive scars that tell a story?


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10 responses to “Life of Blogger ~ Scars you have

  1. Hmmm – I’ve got some cooking burns but I think “they” were wrong in my case – those were never good dishes! LOL however, I burnt myself most while making toast because I didn’t have a toaster or toaster over for a good 6 years and used the oven broiler to make toast. Dangerous!

    Berls recently posted: Follow by J. A. Huss
  2. My mom has that exact same scar, from the exact same thing! She always reaches into the oven with just a pot holder and burns her hand on the upper rack. She burns it ALL THE TIME, so that scar just keeps reopening. She also has one in between her thumb and forefinger. Same thing. And she always thinks I’m weird for making sure I’m firmly in an oven mitt past my wrist! *sigh*

    Angie F. recently posted: 2014 Reading Statistics Part 1
    • My husband yells at me all the time but i can’t use oven mitts. The towel is just easier except that one time when I have no idea what I was thinking and I grabbed the rack with my bare hand. OUCH!

  3. Ouch that must have hurt going through a glass window! I think it’s fun that you were rollerskating again so soon after falling so hard. My sister and I were like that as well, soemthing went wrong and we would run inside to let my mom check it out and if it wasn’t bad we went out again. I got burned a few times when cooking as well, but not as bad as for it to leave a scar.

    My sister has a lot more scars than me though, I was always the carefull one. I have one small scar on my left hand and a small one right underneath one of my nails on the same hand and have no idea were either came from. I also have a scar on my heel of my feet, which I gotten when I was very young. We had a door that closed automaticall, what a weird door that was, you had to push it open and it went close pretty fast. My feet got hit by the door and I still have the scar from that.

    • I was a tomboy, I would climb walls, fences, trees anything I wasn’t suppose to I would climb, fall off and get hurt. My mom was forever giving me band aids telling me to stop climbing stuff. I know now where my kids get it from 🙂

    • I have a few clumsy scars also but these were the only ones that have a story to them. it’s interesting to hear stories about war scars lol.

      I bet your holiday food was delicious! 🙂