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This weeks Topic: Routines

Routines are very important in our house since my son is Autistic and has a couple of other issues that a good routines helps him transition better and keeps his frustration level down. This prevents meltdowns at school and at home. Pretty much each day is the same up at 6:30 am, get the kids dressed and ready then my mom gets here so I can go to work. After work I pick up the kids and we do homework, I cook dinner and then it’s clean up, baths, TV and I will read a little before bed.

Friday is the only day that is different since I don’t work and am home all day, so once the kids are gone I come home and sit by the table and do blogging, read and clean up the house a bit if I have time before I pick up the kids. This is the only day I have alone that I can do any type of blogging, otherwise it’s during the week at night after they go to bed since they are really noisy and it’s very hard to concentrate. Saturdays and Sundays are free days, we tend to just let the day go as it comes. It’s relaxing with no stress, I love a good lazy weekend.

Do you have a routine do you stick to? or do you just let the day come at you?



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10 responses to “Life of Blogger ~ Routines

  1. I am not big on routines myself but when I was still teaching I used them daily. It’s good for kids in general so they understand what is expected of them next and can prepare, but I worked with children with autism, asperger’s, sensory disorders, etc. and so routines were even more important. Maybe that is part of the reason I never cared much for routines at home, but I suspect I’ve always been a bit that way.

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    • I was never a routine type of person until I had my son, he needs to know before hand what is going to happen so it avoids a serious meltdown. It also keeps me more organized now I realized. I guess whatever works is what we do 🙂 I do prefer at times to let go of the routine and just lump around especially on the weekends!

  2. Even though I work from home I still have some sort of a routine, as I love havigna routine and knowing what to expect on a day. Although I try to be flexible and switch it up a bit at times when necessary, my day stil looks mostly the same.
    First breakfast and shower, then work on Lola’s Blog Tours, have lunch and do some more Lola’s Blog Tours work and blogging. Nowadays I do some caring for Pita in between and try to feed her some things during the day, give her a bath and make sure she get’s enough out of cage and in cage time.
    Then it’s time to cook dinner, we have dinner around 6pm and after that I do some blogging, blog commenting and marketing assistant work and some baking if I want to. Then before I go to sleep I try to read for an hour with Pita me before going to bed. I love reading before bed it calms my mind and makes it easier to fall asleep.

    • Me too, I sleep on the couch since my husband has to go to bed early and I hate to bother him so I sleep on the couch (it also helps my anxiety) I read till I fall asleep. It’s so nice, if I wake up in the middle of the night then I will jump in bed but I usually just stay on the couch.

  3. I love routines, but they’re more difficult to have without a day job. I have work to do, but I’m free to go and please as I like. Some people like that, I find I hard and wish I had an imposed routine. I try to force one, but its so much easier to do what I want. Which is often not working when I should :/ (oh and I totally did the wrong life of a blogger topic)

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