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Eh. Not like Midnight in Death was bad or anything. I just have come to have certain standards for the books in the In Death series and a novella might not be able to live up. It’s short and that gives less time for the character interactions that I adore about the books. It also doesn’t leave as much space for the twists and turns in the mysteries that I’ve come to expect.

That being said, for a novella, Midnight in Death was solid. There are still some good twists and I did really enjoy the interactions between not only Eve and Rourke, but also Eve and Dr. Mira. The concept of someone Eve had caught and made sure got locked up getting out and coming for her was a good one and it allowed for Eve to already know the mind of the killer. It worked for the shorter novella, but I think that took away an element I always enjoy – watching Eve figure out the killer. It’s so genius and skipping that step might have been what made this less thrilling for me.

Doesn’t mean I would skip it. I’m glad I read this novella and it made me realize I enjoy the narration of the books more than I realized because I really missed it here. I guess I’ve grown attached. On to the next one!

3 stars Just Okay

Midnight in Death didn't quite live up to Berls expectations for the series. 3/5 stars Share on X

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8 responses to “Midnight in Death #review

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I usually judge a book based on other books in the series. You might enjoy the story, but it doesn’t live up to what you’ve come to expect from the series/author. Glad you enjoyed it, even if it wasn’t as much as you’d hoped. Can you believe that I’ve never read J.D. Robb? I know, right? I really need to try her.

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    • Oh you really must! I enjoy the audio – it took a little adjusting to, but now it’s the only way for me. But yeah, this novella just wasn’t up to the rest of the series standards, IMO, which are quite high πŸ™‚