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Don’t forget to change your clocks! It’s time to fall back! 

Off the Blog:

This week was CRAZY! Like I am so glad that it is over. It was fun but YAY! It’s over!!! Halloween, My daughters birthday, the last game of the season and a parade.

Halloween was fun, the kids had a great time and we got lots of candy. My daughter was Half Wolf, Half Little Red Riding Hood. We upgraded her Edgy Little Red Costume! She loved it. My son was a sort of clown. With his special needs he doesn’t like makeup on his face so we got a clown hat, tie, socks and a rubber chicken. He looked adorable and had fun telling everyone in school jokes! 🙂

My daughters birthday was on Thursday and we are now a double digit house. My daughter turned 10! Next year I will have a teenage when my son turns 13! GOOD GRAVY!!! She had a nice day and we had dinner at Applebees. I plan to have a girls day out with her next Saturday.

The last game was on Saturday and I know my daughter is going to miss it. They have a clinic in the winter that she wants to do but cheerleading is officially over and I can now go back to cooking normal dinners. We are having a little dinner for her with the family for her birthday. I am looking forward to the normal again and the holidays 🙂

The weather is stupid and I hate it. PICK SOMETHING!! It’s either 70 and Humid or 50 and freezing. I prefer the 50 and freezing since we are in that weather now. The bipolar weather is getting on my nerves. 🙂

It’s totally November and my favorite time of year is coming up. I am in Full Christmas Movie Mode and loving every minute of it. Next weekend I plan to spend some time getting all the fun stuff I want to do this holiday in order and I am planning to do lots of baking and making yummy stuff.

Blogging News and Updates:

I was a MACHINE on Friday. Did a bunch of posts for November and feeling amazing about it. I honestly thought I was heading for a blogging slump but it’s really just lack of time. This week I plan to spend time making the premade covers and doing a bit more blogging. If I keep of this pace I will have all of November and December complete and will only have to add in the Binge Watchers Posts and Sunday Posts.

Reading still is going rather slow but I am hoping I can get something read completely in the next week. I am starting get really depressed that I haven’t read ANYTHING since the 24 hour readathon.

COYER will be back on November 18th which reminds me I have to make a logo! 😉

Last Week on the Blog:

What you might see this week:

  • Blog Tour ~ Lies Jane Austin Told me
  • Binge Watchers Post – Christmas Movie Edition
  • Review ~ After we Fall
  • Five on Friday the Thankful Editon ~ Blog & Bloggers

Bookish News and What I grabbed


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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19 responses to “It’s NOVEMBER…ALREADY?!?!~ WIR & SP

  1. Sounds like a busy and fun week! Happy belated birthday to your daughter. Sounds like your kids had a fun Halloween.

    We had that flip flop weather for a while too, but it seems to have settled on colder weather now luckily. the flip flopping is so annoying as you never know what to wear and how warm it’s going to be.

    That sounds great how you’re in Christmas mood already. I’ll try to get the tree up early December or so. I got some new ornaments from my mom, so I am excited to see how the tree will look with them. I already read some Christmas books, but that’s about it.

    I hope your reading picks up soon. I also have very little time to blog lately sadly. Your new books look good, I hope they’re fun! Have a great week!

  2. But now that it’s November we can watch Christmas movies! I’m so excited I don’t even know where to start! I have some that I didn’t get to last year and of course all the new ones! I love their costumes! Wolfish Red Riding Hood is awesome and I love your son’s clown costume. I have a friend whose son has sensory issues and he can’t handle anything on his face which makes costume choosing difficult – especially now when they want more elaborate costumes. Happy birthday to your daughter! Sounds like a wonderful time. Yay for cheerleading being over! It’s always great when they find an activity they really love but it feels like a gift when you’re not having to run around all over the place. Have a great week!

    Katherine recently posted: Ten Books about Food on My TBR
  3. Wow a busy week! Sounds like a good one though and congrats on the birthdays and everything. My reading’s been down so I hear you there, you’d think with exteded downtime I’d be reading a TON, but nope. Maybe this week, but sometimes dang it Netflix is too alluring, especially with all these new shows.

    Ooh COYER’s back soon. Yay!!

    Have a super week Michelle and here’s to cool winds. 🙂

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #218
  4. Wow, you have had a busy week! Both your kids looked cute in their Halloween costumes. (I saw your photos on Facebook.) And way to go on the blogging ahead. I am so far behind, but it’s not going to get better for quite a while, given how much work I have for my actual job. Have a great week! I like the look of your new books, too.

    • Thank you! They had a good time, my son usually has the best costume picks but I must say my daughters was my favorite this year. However, my sons suited him just right.
      I am hoping to stay ahead so that the rest of the year I can focus on next year and reading. Fingers crossed!

  5. I was a machine this weekend too! Of course, probably a lot less posts and a lot less time, too. I kept getting distracted by Andy Griffith episodes I haven’t ever seen. I feel more accomplished too! Mostly all of my November is done except for Sunday and WWW posts, and my Friday posts I also need to do. I cleared out that review writing list, which was my #1 desire!
    Happy birthday to Julia! I hope she enjoyed her birthday. Their Halloween sounds so fun! What a perfect costume for Ryan!

  6. You had another busy week and Happy Birthday to your daughter! Even with a busy week you are doing great with blogging ahead. I still don’t have time so the most I can do is a week ahead lol. I’ll have to check out your new books, they look really good. I hope you have a great week!

    Kathy recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #137
  7. Tell your daughter happy birthday!! I wish my kids were younger, Halloween was so much fun then! I’m ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, too. I really enjoy the food and seeing my loved ones. I’m doing Blogmas this year, and one of my prompts is to watch and review a few holiday movies. I can’t wait!