Read Me Romance Last Week | Mated to the Reaper by Alexa Riley

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Read Me Romance

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And since I’m loving the hell out of it, I thought I would start reviewing the podcast. This will be a bit about the podcast and a bit about the books.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Read Me Romance Last Week | Mated to the Reaper by Alexa RileyMated to the Reaper by Alexa Riley
Published by Read Me Romance on January 14, 2019
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Format: Audiobook
Source: Podcast

He’s dying for her.

The Grim Reaper will stop at nothing to find her… let’s just hope she’s ready to be claimed.

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eBook will release in April of 2019

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My top thoughts:

I liked Mated to the Reaper a lot more than the first book by Alexa Riley on the podcast. It’s probably mainly because I really like paranormal worlds in general, but also because it was fairly sexy. I may go back and pick up the series it’s a spin off from, as I’m curious about the world. We get little glimpses of the world’s mythology, but I want more details.

Who I think would like it:

If your a fan of sexy paranormal romance I think you’d enjoy it. There was a Felicity Heaton feel – particularly with the soul mates element.

Narrator thoughts:

I like the female narrator, Robyn Verne, more than the male narrator, Jack Stella. He has a very deep, grumbly voice that I know would be super sexy to some but for me it was just okay. Maybe I just didn’t feel like it matched the character? It wasn’t bad narration by any means and I would listen to either of them again.

Podcast thoughts:

This was another week of Tessa flying solo, which are not my favorites. The pattern for the podcast is that all three of them are there on Mondays and Fridays and then they take turns running the show Tuesday – Thursday, with one week being an Alexa Riley week and the next being Tessa. I really like Tessa (I just miss the conversation element) and she had a really touching moment this week when she just talked about how we are enough just as we are, despite the beginning of the year craze to lose weight. I really appreciated her going there with that. On Monday, Lea plugged (for no financial incentive) THINX period panties which cracked me up, but I also need to second her on them. They really are great and I wish I’d had them as a teenager when you have to suffer through the embarrassment of bleeding through your pants or how to bring pads/tampons with you to the bathroom without everyone knowing. And both of those moments stood out to me because the exemplify what I love about this podcast — they are unapologetic in pushing body positivity and acceptance and just being open and okay with who you are as a woman. I think that has a lot to do with why I love listening… besides the free audiobook each week 🙂

3.5 stars pretty good

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  1. I love how they always ‘plug’ products but not because the product sponsors the podcast or anything. They talk about things they love and want others to know about. Its GREAT! And I love the multiple positive messages-body positive, sex positive, emotional positives… its just great!

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