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Read Me Romance

Have you heard about the Read Me Romance Podcast yet? If you enjoy audiobooks and romance, I highly recommend you subscribe.

The Read Me Romance podcast is hosted by us— New York Times bestselling authors Alexa Riley and Tessa Bailey. We bring you a new, original audiobook novella every week from one of your favorite authors! Simply subscribe and listen for free on your phone’s podcast app. Prepare to swoon!Read Me Romance
And since I’m loving the hell out of it, I thought I would start reviewing the podcast. This will be a bit about the podcast and a bit about the books.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Read Me Romance Last Week | Picture Perfect by @EvangelineAPicture Perfect by Evangeline Anderson
on April 15, 2019
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: Audiobook

Ever since Melanie's mom married Kurt's dad she's had the hots for her gorgeous, off-limits stepbrother. Knowing that Kurt feels the same way doesn't help her lust but through an unspoken agreement they ignore their forbidden feelings. Then Kurt drives her to a modeling shoot for an exercise book and winds up volunteering to model as her partner. What neither of them know is that the exercises in the book are all sexual--a modern Kama Sutra.

Melanie tries to ignore the sparks flying between her and Kurt, even when they have to get naked and pose for pictures that are both explicit and erotic. But how can she resist her sexy stepbrother? Will she and Kurt be able to keep from breaking the most forbidden taboo of all or will they give in to temptation in order to get every shot Picture Perfect?

Publisher's Note: While Kurt and Melanie have no blood ties and their relationship is fully consensual, some readers, particularly those with a history of sexual abuse or incest, may find this story disturbing. This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Exhibitionism, sex between stepsiblings, voyeurism.

My top thoughts:

This has to be the sexiest book they’ve had on the podcast so far. I personally don’t care one way or another about step-sibling romances. To me, they are not related and there is nothing taboo about it, so that’s not what made it hot. It’s the constant on the edge, push forward, pull back anticipation of it. They’re basically having sex the majority of the book, but let me tell you – BASICALLY makes a difference the way Evangeline Anderson wrote it. The on the edge, almost-ness of it made it an intense read.

Who I think would like it:

If you like step-sibling romance or erotica, this is a book for you, for sure. I personally plan to to start reading up all of Evangeline Anderson stat!

Narrator thoughts:

So I couldn’t find the narrator names on the website — but I did enjoy the narrators. I do wish they would make a point of mentioning the narrators more – like when they tell us who the book is by also tell us who is narrating. It makes a difference, those narrators could make or break my reception of the book.

Podcast thoughts:

Another good week! There was a listener email they shared about a woman who had a hard pregnancy and ended up giving birth, only to lose the child a few hours later. I think I would have teared up no matter what, but being 18 weeks pregnant as I was listening, tears were streaming down my face. I appreciate SO MUCH the way Tessa saw it as an important email to share and Leah was able to put into words how important it is that miscarriage and baby loss be spoken about more. Women take so much on their shoulders and keep it bottled up as their own personal pain because we still live in a man’s world where our issues have been made so our fault and private, as if they are dirty. I just love the way they keep bringing women’s issues to the forefront and are using the podcast not just as a medium for great romance, but for empowering women. I seriously love these ladies and would like to know them in person.

5 stars Flipping Fantastic

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