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First Impression:

  • To cute not to pick up, these titles totally grabbed me enough to pick up the book and take a look.
  • The weight of the paper is really good, however in the drawing books I would go more for color pencils than markers because I think it would bleed onto the next page, I didn’t try it since I didn’t want to ruin the book.
  • These are small but they did have bigger ones that if I finish these will be sure to get.
  • Figured it would be relaxing and love to draw and write.
  • Hoping it will get my creative juices flowing

Inside the book:

  • Each page has one or two paragraphs or a single word.
  • Room to write and draw

642 Tiny Things to Write about:

  • They have some really fun topics like “What is your best excuse, hoping to elude a ticket?” “Red or White Wine? Why?” “Write your life story in five sentences” “Write about a lie you told.”
  • The area that you have to write in is a little small for some of the questions but over all I think it will be fun to come up with stories or answers for each questions in the book.
  • Some of the questions really make you think. I already found two that have me thinking what I will write.

642 Tiny Things to Draw

  • Just single words or a short description like “a tater tot” or “jewels” “a keyhole” “a marble” “your house, from space”
  • What I find really great about this is you can draw your own interpretation of each word. It doesn’t have to be literal since you really have no rules to how you do it, just be as creative as you want.
  • I bought this for my kids too and they are enjoying all the words. I found that they were taking things literally and hope this will spark more creativity and imagination in them.

Final Thoughts:

  • These books are great for adults trying to get a little bit more creative or give themselves more inspiration.
  • The doodle book is really cute I think MG and Teens would enjoy it however I would flip through it just in case it has anything in it that might not be meant for them.
  • In the writing book I found one or two things not meant for kids so I would keep this for adults only. However it might be fun to ask the kids some questions from the book and have them write it down in a note book.
  • I highly recommend these books, I am looking forward to getting the bigger ones and really getting my creative juices flowing.
  • I noticed that have a bunch of different writing ones that are pretty neat and I hope to find, for example:
    •  642 Things to Draw: Journal
    • 712 More Things to Draw
    • 104 Things to Photograph
    • 642 Fashion Things to Draw
    • 642 Places to Draw


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Have a great day and Happy Reading!


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8 responses to “#Review ~ 642 tiny things to write about and Draw ~ 2 reviews one post

  1. Now these are really cute! My eldest granddaughter would appreciate these to carry in her bag for downtime. Thanks for sharing what these are about.

    Rita recently posted: What's New Here
  2. I remember when you showed these on facebook, they both sound a lot of fun and like a good way to get the creative juices flowing. I definitely understand why these caught your attention. And that’s fun they are for all ages mostly, except for the writing one. It’s fun that there are no rules and you can draw your own interpretation of a word. Drawing paper is usually better suited for pencils than markers, so I guess that’s normal, but still good to know beforehand. Great reviews!

    • Colored pencils would work too but I love the idea of maybe doing the entire thing in just pencil, I can’t wait to really start them. I got the drawing ones for my kids too and they really like them. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

      Michelle recently posted: Wrecked by Elle Casey Book Blitz
  3. I just love the idea of these little books. Every time I’m in the bookshop, I have an internal battle over whether I should buy them or not. I think I definitely will as they are just so cute, but I think I’ll wait until I’ve finished my Wreck this Journal first. I hope you have lots more fun with them.

    • I had that too but since I was by myself and no one to stop me I got the 🙂
      They really are fun, I haven’t done a lot yet but I am hoping more during the summer to be able to really get to them, I am trying to find a way to share what I write on my blog. Thought that would be fun.

      Michelle recently posted: Wrecked by Elle Casey Book Blitz