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 My Thoughts

If you haven’t read this book, stop reading this review, because I am sorry, I can’t write this review without spoilers….for the love of all things great I have no idea what I just read and whether or not I might be going to hell.

I have had this book on my kindle for a while, since I was looking for something a little taboo, I thought what could be more taboo than a priest that wants to do dirty things to a hot girl. I was not expecting what I was about to read, god help me (really, god help me) I laughed when I shouldn’t have been laughing. At one point I almost DNF this book, not because it wasn’t good, but because I just wasn’t sure if I should keep reading, I felt I knew where the story was going but the bits thrown in was what kept me reading. Did I think this book was awful…no it really wasn’t bad and it had its moments but holy stalker of a priest this went far beyond what I thought it would and by the 2nd sex act I was just in a fit of giggles because WTF!

Tyler Bell is a HOT priest, he only became a priest because his sister had killed herself, she was molested by the original Priest of the church, no one really believed her and she felt she just couldn’t go on. Tyler was the one to find her. While the rest of his family decided to turn their backs on god, Tyler did the complete opposite and became a Priest to help the community and his family trust in God again. That was nice of him, really it was. He gave up a lot to be a Priest and in his college years was a bit of a bad boy, sex machine. So he is now 3 years in the Priesthood and completely loving his parish and parishioners, he feels he is doing right and honoring his sister. One day during confession a woman steps in his confessional and his entire world changes.

Poppy is a girl from a well to do family but she wanted more in life. So she left and became a exotic dancer for a high end gentleman’s club. These men only like high class ladies, it’s a no touch rule but Poppy still feels she has sinned and need to confess her sins to the local Priest. This is when all hell breaks loose.

I was completely unaware that you can go to confession and tell a Priest about all the sex and nasty stuff you do in confession, without underpants and touching yourself. I can totally understand why Father Bell could not keep it in his pants but HOLY BI-POLAR PRIEST, this man was like night and day. He was so warm and priest like BUT when you get him with Poppy all bets are off and I was like WHAT?!?! He was very violent and was very dominate when they had sex, it was almost scary how obsessed he was with her. He had no trust in her what so ever. When he couldn’t find her for a day he would punish her sexually that night and at times became kind of creepy…you’re a Priest for cryin’ out loud!!!! Be Holy man, he was more a Devil in Priest’s clothing.

Ok so you wanna be committed to God but you have sex in the front of the church on the piano? on the Alter (I mean ON the Alter), use sacred oil for anal lube? and you have sex every which way you can. He is also a NASTY talker when they have sex, calling her Little Lamb and doing things that would make any godly person curl into a ball and cry. He was all over the place and I just couldn’t understand how the Priest who wanted to prove to his church that he was making up for the sins of another priest could do this without thought, like why did you become a Priest? WTF? Then they went to a brothel….WHY??? That part had me so confused, she wanted to have him in private…really? This was my entire problem with the book, not that I didn’t have a problem with all that other stuff, he was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. At one point they start to have sex on the actual alter where you cut the host and drink the wine and I am like “WTF ARE YOU DOING!!! STOP!!!” When he took out the oil, I laughed like literally laughed because the entire book all I kept saying to my self is “WHAT IS GOING ON??” I really wanted this to become some paranormal book and have God and his archangels come done from the heavens and beat this man into a holy ghost but we don’t always get what we wish for…Thanks, God!

Of course everything works out and you do get a HEA, if you want to call it that. I really thought the end would have been something else, I wasn’t surprised they had sex in the church…Do these people not realize they have hotels and HOMES they can go to and not have sex in a place of worship. When I finished the book, I just sort of couldn’t even come up with words that made sense as to WTF I just read.

Am I glad I read it? Maybe…why did I give it 3 stars?…It wasn’t a bad read and it did have it moments, it gave me something to talk about and will probably be one I remember forEVER. If you don’t think this review gave to much away I would totally give it a go, I left out a lot of what happens and I had serious trust issues when it came to Poppy. I really thought a lot of the story was just rather slow but over all not that bad, as much as I wanted Tyler to get struck by lightning, I did enjoy reading from his POV. I am a little night and day with how I feel about this book but as a whole I really actually enjoyed it, I did skim a lot of the sex parts because I felt it had to many, LIKE A LOT, I would have liked more character build or maybe relationship build because I really thought it was all just based on the fact this guy hadn’t gotten it in 3 years and was in serious need of a good lay. Just should have thought better about being a Priest.

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3 responses to “#Review ~ Priest (Priest #1) by Sierra Simone

  1. K, I have to say that I kinda skimmed your review because I one-clicked Priest back in January and seeing as you had so much to say about it, I figure it’s going on my COYER list and I’ll be reading it soon. 😀 I did see the part where you’re wondering whether or not you’ll go to hell just for having read it. LOL I’ll get it read soon so we can chat about it…something tells me it’ll still be fresh in your memory despite the issues you had with the story. 😉