#Review ~ The Traitor of Belltroll by Lindsay Cummings

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Really wanted to cry when I realized this was the last book in the series. I love this series and I love these kids. Balance Keepers keep the world above, well, balanced. We three realms to protect, Alberts team is on the top of the list. They have saved the world twice so far but things get a little out of head when someone is trying to destroy the last realm…the realm that pretty much hold the other two realms together. If this realm falls the earth will fall with it.

Albert, Birdie and Leroy are back to help save the world but time is seriously running out. I can’t even explain how much I loved this book, how much I am going to miss these characters and this world. I think after 3 books these 3 really did a lot of growing, even Hoyt the bully did a lot of growing and you he might not be such a bad guy. I would have loved to see more of Hoyts team members only because in the last book it seemed Birdie was starting to “like” one of them and I was hoping it might have expanded on that just a little. I really enjoyed how this book ended and I do feel like it had a pretty complete ending. I was very happy with it. I would love for this to become a movie because just the story makes it something I would love to watch after seeing how much I loved reading it. This book is full of action and it starts right off at the beginning, I really loved the twist as to whom the Traitor was. I didn’t see that coming. At times I panicked for the characters because Lindsay really can keep you on your toes when things start taking an unexpected turn.

I can’t recommend this series or book enough. I love everything about it and highly recommend this to all ages. This is such a fantastic read and it has that great world build and friendship that Harry Potter has.

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3 responses to “#Review ~ The Traitor of Belltroll by Lindsay Cummings

  1. It’s always sad when a series you love is coming to an end :(. I am glad to hear you loved this book so much and it sounds like a good ending to the series. And those plot twists you didn’t see coming are the best :). I hadn’t heard of this series before, but it does sound like a great one! Great review!