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My Review:

I love retelling and I had a soft stop for Captain Hook. So I couldn’t wait to read this book but it took me longer than I expected. I snagged this at BEA last year and I am actually sad I waited so long to read it because it was honestly fantastic. The story, the characters everything about it was so much fun and such a great read, I can’t wait to read more from this author and this series.

Jocelyn Hook is Captain Hooks daughter and she loves adventure. When she gets sent to finishing school because she isn’t the lady that her grandfather is wanting her to be. But Jocelyn doesn’t want to be like all the other girls she wants to be a pirate just like her dad, so when a letter comes asking her to avenge her father’s death from the nasty crocodile she is happy to take the challenge, grabbing a crew of her own she sets off on a wild adventure.

I adored Jocelyn and I loved her spunk. She was a girl that had her mind set on a goal and she needed to prove herself but at times she questioned who she really was and on this adventure she grows a lot and learns a lot about herself and what she wants to become. I also loved her BFF Roger, he was just a great friend and they are super cute together.

The story is a fun pirate adventure with lots of swashbuckling, fairy dust, lost boys, Peter Pan, Mr Smee and even Tinkerbell. The world build is fun and imaginative, I loved Neverland and the big bad crocodile was the perfect villain with his tick tock clock. It really kept the feel of Peter Pans Neverland with all the things you loved about it from the book and movies. I also loved how this story ended, I was actually sad when I was finished. Mrs Schulz did an amazing job telling this story I am really looking forward to the next book this is a great series for kids, adult and anyone that loves a good retelling of Neverland.


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5 responses to “#Review ~ Hook’s Revenge by Heidi Schulz

  1. Oh this looks fun! I love retellings and Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories (okay Disney movies). I like that this is through Captain Hook’s daughter! Sounds like a perfect summer adventure read.

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    • He is such a great character that I don’t think gets enough attention. This book was just so fun and his daughter is just an awesome as he is 🙂