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My ReviewI judged a book by it’s cover…there I said it, I saw this cover, then read the name and thought ” I love this” then I read the synopsis…”Find the diary, break the curse, step through The Looking Glass”…Goosebumps anyone? How could I pass this up? So very glad I didn’t.

This was such a great story, everything about it seems to flow, and I honestly can say I was never confused, the story kept my interest. I will say some point in the middle it was a little slow but that really didn’t take me out of the book at all and the end was just so wonderful. It was a life lesson and I really felt emotional from it because I feel every girl goes through what Alice felt. I can say that it is something I feel often and this book really put those feeling into a different perspective. I am sorry I am being so vague but I really want you to discover it on your own like I did.

The characters you really become attached too. Alice was very confused (well duh, she’s trapped in the mirrors of the house) but she had a strong will and determination that I think you could admire. As much as she wanted to give up she still held strong but like all of us we have doubt in ourselves. Tony was a troubled kid and just trying to please both his mom and dad who don’t get along. I did want more interaction with him maybe his POV would have been cool. He was such a sweetheart that I wanted to get into his head and see what was going on with him. Between the flow of the story and the emotions from the characters it really was a wonderful read.

I gave The Looking Glass by 4/5 stars. An amazing story with strong characters and an emotional message that you might realize hits close to home. I would for sure recommend this book, grab some tissues you might need them, I got a little choked


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5 responses to “Review ~ The Looking Glass by Jessica Arnold Blog Tour

  1. Not sure whether this is a book for me, but I am glad to hear you enjoyed it :). Does this book has anything to do with the Alice in Wonderland story? The title and name of the main character seems to suggest that.
    The idea of a haunted B&B does sound fun. Your review does make me curious what the life lesson is and what happens at the end. Great review!