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Thinking of my romances and safe sex at the same time started when I wrote my discussion post with the same name a long time ago! Not too long after, the idea of sharing quotes about that ensured that the feature Safe and Sexy was born. It’s where I will share a quote from a story I have read, and where there is a lot of hotness and sexiness, but where they still take the time to be safe! It’s important to me to read books that make me dream, but I also want them to be somewhat realistic. And to me, characters seem realistic when they take care of themselves and their partner(s)! Safe sex is a great way to do so, and when an author includes a couple of lines to share that they are indeed using condoms, I am such a happy reader. And I think it’s sexy when both new and ‘old’ lovers show that they respect each other by getting that condom, and possibly making using it both safe & sexy, hot and fun.Lexxie

Y’all I couldn’t agree with Lexxie more – sex scenes where I see the characters protecting themselves are so much better and some authors have a way of making that moment particularly fun. So I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to join her on this meme and I found it when I was reading F*ck Club by Shiloh Walker earlier this month/late last month. I found a couple great moments to share with you.

My Safe and Sexy Quotes

“Otherwise I’m going to forget things like how stupid it is to start things we can’t finish.”
“Who says we can’t finish them?”
“I don’t have anything.” He set his jaw and met her eyes levelly. “I don’t tend to bring women to my apartment, so I don’t keep anything in here. We’re both too old to be that stupid.”
Blood rushed to her cheeks. “Oh.”
He nodded, expecting that to solve it. It didn’t though. “I have something.” Bree’s words, simply stated, hit him like an electric shock and he had to lock every muscle in his body to keep from reaching for her.
“I…um…I bought a box of condoms.” She was blushing furiously now, but her gaze held his unflinchingly. “I thought…well…being here with you…” F*ck Club 58%
“No. I want you to make love to me.”
The words, so simply stated, wrapped a fist around his heart and now he felt a little weak in the knees. He wouldn’t let her see that, though. He didn’t know what was going on, not really, but he wasn’t going to let himself believe this meant anything.
At least anything beyond the physical.
Reaching up, he pushed the condom into her hand. “Why don’t you do the honors?”
Bree blushed hotly red and he nuzzled her neck. “The woman who stood in the middle of my living room just a few minutes ago can’t be too shy to put that on me,” he said teasingly.
“You’re a jerk,” she muttered, but there was a smile flirting around her lips.
He braced his hands on the tiled wall by her head, looking down at her as she tore the foil open, then fumbled the latex condom out.
“I haven’t done this since…” Her voice hitched and she looked up at him for the briefest second, then looked away.
“I think it’s like riding a bike,” he said. F*ck Club 59%

That’s just a couple of really great moments in F*ck Club by Shiloh Walker. There are many more and they’re always both Safe and Sexy.

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