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Week in READview:

Real life:

This was an interesting weather week. On Tuesday it snowed, Iced than snowed again, the kids had the day off of school and I had to take the day also. Instead of doing fun and exciting stuff…I cleaned the house…I am so boring. The rest of the week was up and down, super cold and then spring like. I am not even sure what season I am ready for. I just don’t know if this weather will ever balance out.

Valentine’s Day was good, we really don’t celebrate but I made Tacos for the family since like I said last week, it was requested. My husband got me a bottle of wine which I will be drinking this weekend since now I don’t have to clean! 😉

Remember these two?

Calliope and Auggie

They have been with us for 1 year! On Saturday we celebrated the kittens being with us for one year. They still don’t like us but at least they like my daughter. I’m sort of kidding. Calliope is ok if you touch her and give her love but Auggie only wants attention when he is ready for it. You can try but he runs. They don’t hiss or bite they are pretty happy to be here they are just normal cats. They pretty much took over the house and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 😉 They are very loved and regardless if they like us or not they have no choice, hugs and kisses are mandatory.

This week coming up is winter break for the kids. My son is off all week and my daughter only the first two days (Mon-Tues) I also have off on Monday so it is a nice long weekend for me.

Blogging & Reading:

With the long weekend I spend a lot of time getting posts ready and writing reviews that I had been avoiding. I also have been brainstorming some ideas and trying to find more content for the blog. I also have been going through some of the books that are being released to see if any interests me enough to add to my WOW posts.

I got a Owlcrate box this week (I wont spoil it) Sadly the book that was in it I have but what really get me was it was an Owlcrate exclusive cover and I am not a big fan of it. I prefer the original, I usually love to have versions that are different but I might have to go ahead and gift this one to someone since it’s ok but not as stunning as the one I got. That for me is the only issue with the book boxes, sometimes you get books you might already own.

What I am watching:


Frozen 2 looks like a darker version and I am totally ok with an Frozen Game of Thrones! Game of Ice and Snow.
I can’t wait!!!

What I am playing:

Grab your phone and download Bitlife.  It’s so stupid but I can’t stop playing it. Basically you get a person that you need to age and help get through life by making choices for him/her. You can go to college, get a job, start a family and it follows the person’s life from infant to death. The oldest person I had died at 112 She had 3 kids, 5 grandchildren and 7 lovers. I also had a guy that’s net worth was $2,288,299, he had 2 kids , 4 grandchildren, 9 loves and  spent 7 years in prison after he was retired for beating someone up. He also escaped prison once and started a prison riot. He was my favorite. Lol The games aren’t long and you just have to try to get them to live long and have a full life. It’s not as easy as you would think. (disclaimer: Some of the things it says can be inappropriate and just weird, you sort of need to have a twisted sense of humor like if you play Cards against Humanity, some might get uncomfortable, the game contains cursing)


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What I grabbed:

I have the owlcrate box books but I am going to wait until next week to share them as to not spoil for anyone.

On the Blog:

What you missed:

What you might see this week:

  • Waiting on Wednesday ~ Wickedly Awesome
  • Review of Snow’s Huntsman
  • My TBR List ~ Review Invictus

Just for Fun:


So tell me what have you been reading and up to this week?

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!

Happy Reading




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24 responses to “Snow Day, V Day and Days off ~ WIR & SP

  1. I wonder if my kids will like Frozen 2 or not since they are older. I might see it without them. Everything nowadays seems darker. It’s the times. I hope they get lighter. I am glad you cleaned and hope you enjoy that bottle. I didn’t get one cause I have one on chill here. Have a wonderful week!


  2. Wow! Except for the weather, it sounds like you had a good week that’s continuing into this week! My kids are off today and we got 4 inches of snow yesterday. It’s supposed to snow more today but the sun is shining currently. Ha! I can’t believe you’ve had Auggie and Calliope for a year! That can’t be right! Where does the time go, Michelle?!? My son was just talking about how February is almost over and this year is going by too fast for him. Since he graduates in 3 months, it’s way too fast for me as well. :/ Anyway, have fun with your kiddos and I hope you have something good to read! Oh, I love the just for fun quote! LOL

    • I know, I still can’t believe we got them. They are a lot of fun but they do love my daughter more than any of us which is sad but good lol.
      See I think the year is going so slow. Jan took forever and I keep thinking Feb is over but we still have a week and a half left. I think I am in a better frame of mind so running at high speed isn’t how it is and it’s weird to have everything move slow. It’s actually a very nice change of pace.
      The quote cracks me up, I am pretty sure we all do that.

      Michelle recently posted: Snow Day, V Day and Days off ~ WIR & SP
  3. Sounds like lots of great time off. I had Friday off because my daughter had a migraine so I worked on a bunch of stuff. We don’t have tomorrow off and I read until 4 am so I lost a bunch of today, sleeping in until 9:30 and then having some errands to run. Good for you on the cleaning. I really need to vacuum but I hate it. Have a great week and read some wonderful books!

    Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Truth or Bear by Zoe Ashwood
  4. I had cats too and they are way moodier than dogs! Now that I have a dog I can really appreciate the difference LOL As far as weather is concerned it’s a bit weird here too as it feel slike spring with 62 °F when it should be freezing! And yes I have heard the news this morning!!!!! Have a great week

  5. Ah, look at you making good on the taco promise and showing love to grumbly cats. 🙂 You earned that wine and the long weekend. Our winter break is two days instead of three to make up for all the snow and ice days.
    I don’t get any subscription boxes, but that would be a bit disappointing to get a book I already had. I remember doing a book of the month club that always had exclusive early releases on books so I didn’t run into that problem,. but sometimes the cover wasn’t as nice as the later released book.
    Snow’s Huntsman looks hot. 😉

    Have a great week, Michelle!

    • Now my daughter wanted them again this week. lol. The wine helped! 😉
      That would be good if they did that then I wouldn’t have to worry. I think they do that sometimes. I just have been buying books lately that I should have waited but I am going to gift the book. It’s not awful just not as nice as the one I have.
      Snow’s review will be up soon, I am sure some will enjoy it.

      Michelle recently posted: Snow Day, V Day and Days off ~ WIR & SP
  6. Your weather is weirder than my weather. lol I’m totally ready for Spring. And I mean a REAL Spring, not this one day and then it’s Summer shit.

    Happy Anniversary to Calliope and Auggie!

    So, BitLife is like Sims meets Tamagotchi, but with cursing and shit? I think I may need to look into this!

    I hope you have a fantastic week, Michelle! XOXO

    • They are very good kittens, little bit of mischief but they are so funny. If they weren’t so cute I wouldn’t want to squeeze them so much lol
      I am done with rain and snow. I would love a good thunderstorm, haven’t had one of those in a long time.
      I stopped watching GOT a while ago, I am hoping once it is over I can binge watch it.

      Michelle recently posted: Snow Day, V Day and Days off ~ WIR & SP
  7. Cats are so strange-they are all aloof and distant. I have dogs who are the exact opposite-in your face and needy all the time! I haven’t seen the Frozen 2 trailer! I loved the first 1 (not as much as everyone else because they were CRAZY). Enjoy your long weekend!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: Long weekends are the best
    • My biggest problem with frozen was Elsa wasn’t mean enough, I think I wanted a darker story since the original story of the snow queen is dark. It wasn’t my favorite but I did like it and this one might be just as good. I guess we will see. 🙂

      Our dog has to be touching me and if he can’t physically touch me, he has to be within sight. He’s my little love, so I don’t mind. The kittens are good, I can’t say they aren’t but they just might need more time to adjust. Cats are weird that way. Our old cat Buttons we barely ever saw. She hated my son, and wasn’t a huge fan of any of us. Until my daughter, she loved her, then for about 5 year before she passed she started loving on us all. Cats really are just weird. 🙂 Plus if they weren’t so cute we wouldn’t want to squeeze them so much! 🙂

      Michelle recently posted: Snow Day, V Day and Days off ~ WIR & SP
  8. I love Cards Against Humanity! I have the original version and a Harry Potter version (titled Cards Against Muggles) and it’s all kinds of wrong, lol. This game would probably work well for me.

    I saw the Frozen 2 trailer but I’m 100% not bothered… Maybe it’s because I have a boy, I never got caught up in it?

    I have a cat that sounds similar to yours… It’s not that she hates us, she loves us compared to humans as a whole, but she just doesn’t like/trust people. Affection is on her terms only. Never pick her up or hug her if you want to live. She, however, LOVES my son. I just don’t get it. The loudest, most erratic and chaotic human in the house is her person. *shrugs*
    My other cat adores people and I swear is half dog in her affections… There’s no logic to cats.

    Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books recently posted: Weekly Update #48
    • I need to find the HP one. We have played Cards a few times but it’s hard to find people with out sense of humor. The game is fun and if you beat some one up, that is when you get the weird text.

      I have one of each kid, however, I am a huge Disney animation fan so even with a boy I would have seen it 🙂 I am a cartoon person.

      Yes, I do think they are very happy here and love us but from a distance. We get snuggles and love but on their time, I really do think they need more time since they were outdoor cats for about 5 months before being found so they didn’t have human contact when they usually need it to be more affectionate. People probably scared them way since they both looked so different.

      Michelle recently posted: Snow Day, V Day and Days off ~ WIR & SP
  9. YAY for the long weekend Michelle! I hope you’ll be able to prepare the blog stuff the way you want to 🙂
    We have had spring like weather during the day, and below freezing every night, so it’s been a little weird. The only thing I don’t enjoy with the warmer weather is that it appears pollen is already appearing *sighs*
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy reading.
    Miss your face!! Xoxo

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookworms recently posted: Weekend Wrap-up #266 – an Eventful and Good Week!
    • I have a lot of more stuff to get done today. I am enjoying the time off and hope to get more done tomorrow.
      It’s suppose to snow today after yesterday being in the 50s. I am not looking forward to the pollen either but I am allergic to dust and I really need to open these windows to air out the house. I hope Spring is normal lol.

      Michelle recently posted: Snow Day, V Day and Days off ~ WIR & SP
  10. Yay for long weekends! And wow a year already for the cats! It seems like just a few months ago you told us about them- time flies. 🙂

    Speaking of, we have one like that too- she’s very skittish and only wants attention when SHE wants it lol. But she can be super lovable too. Just depends on her mood. Crazy cats haha

    I haven’t seen the trailer for Frozen 2 yet! I gotta go watch it, I keep forgetting…

    Greg recently posted: Sunday Post #285
    • I still look at them like they are so new. We just really adore them. Your cat is a mix of both. Calliope is very skittish but only loves us, however, If I come home from work she will run away and hide then come out to see who it is. Auggie doesn’t care but just don’t touch him. lol

      Go watch it, it’s seems so dark and I have so many questions. My daughter and I think we know what it will be about but I need to see a little bit longer trailer.

      Michelle recently posted: Snow Day, V Day and Days off ~ WIR & SP