Summer Scares! Spooky Books to take to the Beach #summerscares

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This summer may not have been a traditional summer for any of us but it is still fun to read a few books that might now go with the sun shining and the warm air. Horror is one of my favorite genres and I for some reason tend to like it more in the summer and early fall. Maybe it’s the cheerfulness of the summer that makes me less scared? Or just the fact that it doesn’t matter what season it is we are always up for a good scare!

So I decided to gather 6 of my favorite reads that you can read in the summer while sitting by the beach, in your yard or by the pool, and enjoy a little scary with your sunshine.

This one was good but not great however, the end still bothers me to this day. Like After I had time to really think about this one, I actually liked it more than I thought. I found the story to be interesting and very twisty. My only problem with the book was it needed more depth and more build on the MC. She had things I would liked to have seen fleshed out more but overall it was a very interesting read.


Back story: Before I had read this book my family and I had gone to an amusement park, the Land of Make Believe, which was pretty much the same as when I was there when I was 12. It was the creepiest place then and still was. We laugh about it all the time but the waterpark was really nice now back to this book…there is a reason I told that story. I swear this book was written with that park in mind. This book was weird, mind bending and just really weird. I know a lot of people were hit or miss with this book but personally I really liked it and it reminded me of the park we had just when too. Thank goodness I read this after we visited the Land of Make Believe. Really enjoyed the characters, story and just the creepy ending this book had. This would make a great SciFi Horror Movie.

One of my favorite Series, Lockwood and Co. Is a teen book but brings all the scary. I loved the characters and the story around the ghosts that roam the streets. I highly recommend this book and series. This will always be one of my favorites and a great series to read while your toes are in the warm sand.

I stalked this book at BEA and snagged a copy. You would have thought I won the lottery when I was able to get a copy! This book for me was amazing. This one also totally messed with my head. I know this was also a hit or miss for a lot of people but something about Dawn’s writing and layout of her books that I just love. The story is a very slow build and has a lot to get through but I felt the end of this story was not was I was expecting and was totally taken off guard. It took me days to process and even now I get chills about what was really happening. I do recommend but be ready for a bit of confusion before it all comes together and you are totally blown away.

I thought Middle Grade this shouldn’t be too scary but I was wrong and this was super creepy. I loved this book, it is one of my favorite middle grade books and one I always recommend. It has just the right amount of creep to keep adults and kids on their toes. The kids need to go through the corn after their bus breaks down. Now everything is what it seems. Great read, quick with bone chilling moments.

This book…I am not even sure what to say but I think it is the perfect summer read. The end of this one stuck with me for a while. I love when books end with a twist you didn’t see coming. I have always wanted this to have a second book but Gretchen McNeil never fails to write the perfect amount of creep and twisty end.

I tried to find 6 books that just perfect for a summer on the beach. I hope you enjoyed this post and found something creepy to read while you warm your toes in the sand or cool off your skin at the pool.

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Do you have any scary recommendation for summer reading?

Enjoy the rest of the summer xx


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