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News at Home: Baby Blues

Well the infamous baby blues have hit! Y’all, I never thought I was a stay-at-home mom type and now I know it, 100%. I love Dante and I am grateful to have the maternity leave to stay at home with him. But OMG I am so lonely and I feel the walls closing in on me. It’s hard to be home alone all day, everyday. My husband is working – today is actually his first day off since Dante was born! – and I my mom isn’t someone I can rely on… so I’ve been alone. And it’s been hard. I literally wait for 5pm eagerly anticipating my husband’s return from work. But I’m using the blog to keep me feeling connected. I go on a daily walk. And a couple good friends have called and come over. Today we’re going to my brother’s for dinner and I’m super excited.

That being said, Dante is doing really well. We had his 2 week appointment this week on Friday. He’s surpassed his birth weight – he was 7 lbs 9oz at birth. Now he’s 8 lbs 13 oz, which isn’t shocking since he eats 4oz every 3 – 4 hours!! He’s going to put us in the poor house… since we’re doing formula. Breastfeeding was a massive fail, which was pretty difficult for me emotionally, but I’ve gotten over it and am just relieved to not be trying anymore. It’s one less thing to worry about.

So, there has been a ton of joy and then there has been a few tears and meltdowns (Michelle will tell you, I’ve called her crying at least once). But I don’t think it’s anything out of the normal baby blues that all mom’s experience. Because having a newborn is hard.

Blog News

The big surprise in all this is that with a newborn, I actually seem to have MORE time to blog. That whole being trapped in the house and feeling lonely is perfect for doing some blogging. I can work on a blog post or visit someone with Dante asleep in my arms (his favorite napping spot – I know, bad habits, but if he’s gonna cry everywhere else he wins). So we’ll see how long I keep it up, but as of now, I’m getting one blog post written every day and visiting blogs every day too.

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21 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | Baby Blues

  1. It can be lonely to be alone all day long. That’s nice you went for some walks and have some friends who can come over. I am glad to hear Dante is doing well, but it makes sense there are also some difficult parts and tears. That is nice you actually have more time for blogging now that you’re home all day. I hope this week was a good one.

  2. 2 weeks old! They’re so cute when they’re tiny. The changes in them week on week at that age are so pronounced…
    I’m with you 100% on knowing you’re not the stay at home mum type. I’m not either. To each their own! You’ll find a balance that works for you, Dante and your husband.
    The baby blues are no joke and I hope they pass for you. Being a new mum IS the hardest thing in the world but – cliche as it sounds – it really does get easier… You’ve just got to survive the beginning and settle into the new normal. Wishing you lots of luck!

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  3. Congratulations! As a SAHM for 10 years I will say that this period of time is nothing like regular SAHM life but it’s okay if it isn’t for you. It’s not for some people and honestly I never thought it would be for me but I really love it though it took some serious adapting. The whole newborn thing is crazy. You essentially have a major medical procedure that you’d normally be sent home with good drugs and told to relax and get lots of rest but instead they hand you this tiny fragile creature that’s sole purpose is to prevent you from sleeping. It’s nonsense really when you think about it! Don’t worry about the breastfeeding. For my first it just wasn’t a possibility and for my 2nd I didn’t even worry about it. I will say that when that phase is over it’s like a pay raise! Glad you’re finding some ways to keep your sanity! Have a great week!

    • Thanks Katherine! Yeah, it is kind of insane they way childbirth and newborn care go. I guess I could see being a SAHM would be different than these initial weeks with a newborn. When does it stop being so hard and isolating though? That’s the big question for me. I’ve had good days and really really bad days lol!

      Have a great week too 🙂

      • You’re in the most isolating part right now. He’s too little to really go out in large crowds or interact with other babies and you’re flat exhausted and still healing which makes it just impossible. Honestly it’s never easy – especially if you’re a bit of an introvert like me – but it gets easier. I think when mine was about 6 months I joined a mom’s group and that helped a ton. I made some good friends and met some people who I really disliked and avoided but it got me OUT and talking to other people who were in a similar boat as me. I used a the meetup site but there’s MOPs and a few other places. Then there’s library story times and mommy and me classes which is essentially just a way for mom’s to meet. Then there are the moms of the other kids in preschool and finally when school time happens there are school volunteering opportunities. It’s kind of always evolving and you have to put yourself out there a bit more but it does get better. If you’re really considering it or are just curious about how it works for me you can always email me (katherine.e.pitts at gmail). It doesn’t hurt my feelings if people decide it isn’t for them – we’re all different and not everything works for everyone.

  4. Jen

    I wasn’t blogging when my first was born. I recall seeing a lot of late night TV. (He’s going to be 16 in two days!!). Have you looked for mom/baby groups you can attend? I know that helped me, but it’s not for everyone. I’m glad D is doing well and growing strong. I hope you can find someone to watch D. so you and your husband can maybe get out for an hour. *HUGS*

    • Thanks Jen! Happy birthday to your eldest, wow, 16!! I did find a couple groups and I’m hoping to attend at least one of them next week. My husband is really sensitive about me taking Dante out of the house – which I get, I know he’s only 2 weeks (3 weeks tomorrow), but I can’t be a prisoner to this apartment and we can’t keep him in a bubble anyway.

      I have a couple people that would be willing to watch him, but again, the trick is my husband – will he be willing to leave him with someone? He’s so protective! Ah well, we’ll figure it out, I’m sure.


    • Yes, talking to people – through the blog or on the phone – has been a huge help. And I’ve made it a point to get in at least 1 walk a day around the apartment complex and that seriously helps. I found a couple mom groups that I’m hoping to join next week and hopefully that will help a lot too.

      Thanks so much, have a great week 🙂

    • Thanks Tanya 🙂 Yeah, I’m making an effort to take care of my sanity and just enjoy my little boy. It’s been a bit harder this week so far because he’s been super fussy, but we’ll get through! And the blog time is a huge silver lining! Have a great week!

  5. Congratulations on Dante! And yes I think staying home is hard, not that I’m a mom lol but from what people have said and even when I’ve been home due to illness or whatever- you get antsy after a while and need stimulation! Outside contact. Glad to hear you’re getting some of that though.

    Hope you have a great week ahead Berls!!!

    • Thanks Greg! Yes – whether you’re a mom or not, I think the principle of being stuck at home for an extended period of time is the same… it’s hard. Then you add in taking care of a newborn that sleeps in 2-3 hour intervals and cries to tell you everything from “I’m hungry” to “I’m tired” and everything in-between (so you’re playing the worst ever game so charades!) and it just gets really rough on the emotions. But yes, I’m getting some interaction and out of the house a bit and that’s helping!

      Have a great week:)

    • Thanks Samantha! Yes, it is a big transition, but I’m trying to embrace the fact that I have this time – like you said, I will hopefully be able to look back fondly on this time.

  6. It was a big transition for me to be at home with a small baby all day every day. At first, I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I gradually started going to the library to read alouds (hey, babies need to hear books, too) and an exercise class, and a church (they had a nursery where I could have some grownup time) and I began to meet other people in charge of little folks and things got better.

    • That’s what I need to do – find groups I can go to and spend some time. My husband is so protective of Dante being out of the house though – I get it, he’s little. But I need a break from this apartment and time with adult people. Found a postpartum support group I might try to attend next week.

      Have a great week!

  7. Sending you big hugs, Berls. Having a newborn is hard. My baby blues turned into full blown Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, so definitely take care of yourself. Having support is huge–something I didn’t have a lot of, unfortunately. And the breastfeeding struggle is real, isn’t it? It is so heavily pushed, and then it’s easy to feel like it’s something we HAVE to do. I felt like such a failure the first time my daughter had to drink formula–she was only a few days old. I just didn’t produce enough milk. It took me a long time to be okay with supplementing breast milk with formula. What’s best is what works for you and your baby, ultimately. And definitely sleep whenever you can. It can be easier said than done. It wasn’t something I was able to do much of. I am glad Dante is doing well. From your FB photos, he is adorable. I hope you have a great week, Berls.

    • Thanks! Yes, I can so easily see how baby blues could turn into PPD – I also don’t have a lot of support. My husband is great, but he’s working fairly non-stop. I’ve had a couple people come by and help, but for the most part it really is just me taking care of Dante… at least from 12 midnight – 6 p.m. And it’s SO HARD. Especially when he gets super fussy, which he has been since yesterday around 7 p.m. 🙁 And YES with the breast milk. I’ve finally accepted that we can’t do it, but it was a very hard thing to accept. Thank you so much, he is pretty adorable 🙂 Have a great week!

  8. I think when I had my daughter I was so happy not to be working 70-80 hours a week I didn’t get lonely. Plus I was so enamored of her, I was content just to watch her sleep even. I was reading then but not blogging. Heck the Internet was barely started. I did breastfeed which worked well for us. It just doesn’t work for everyone. I went back to work after 6 weeks and so I fed her 3 times a day and pumped 3 times a day. I was lucky at 2 weeks she slept 11pm – 6am. She was an awesome sleeper. You are doing all the right things. Enjoy this special time and getting some peace and rest before the whirlwind starts again. I’m so glad to have your blog posts and visiting now though.

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    • Thanks Anne, it is nice to be back. Dante is definitely testing our patience the last couple days – LOTS of crying. Which of course is not only super frustrating, but I hate it because I know it means he’s unhappy/in pain and I don’t know what to do to help him. I think I’m just someone who really enjoys being busy, so it’s hard for me to just relax and stay home with baby. But I told myself this week that I would commit to just being with him and enjoying him- – I know the time will be over before I know it. Hopefully he stops being so fussy and I’m able to actually enjoy some time instead of being stressed!

      Have a great week 🙂