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News at Home: Spring… Break?

This past week was supposedly spring break. And I guess I haven’t done any SCHOOL-related work this week. But it has not been a break. And I really need another week just to recover from this week. It’s been BUSY. Here’s a quick run-down of my week.

  • Monday: Kiko had a doctor’s appointment at 8am to look at a cyst on his back – it was infected and I’ve spent all of spring break changing bandages. Then I had a dentist appointment at 10am. After that I went to my brother’s and actually relaxed for a few hours before heading to the gym. That was the end of relaxation for the week, for the most part.
  • Tuesday: I met up with my co-founders-to-be… idk what to call us lol! But the other teachers I plan on opening the charter school with. We spent the day working on plans, applications, connections, etc. It was fun, but it was work. Hard work. And I have a lot to do to get my application complete for SMU’s Ed.D. program! Tuesday night I had book club – so that was fun!
  • Wednesday: My brother and I moved my mom from my apartment to her apartment… across the parking lot… with her new boyfriend. I live on the second floor. Her new place is on the second floor. We had no help until my husband got off work. That meant that from 10:30am – 6:30pm my brother and I were up and down the stairs carrying loads. Because my mom has SO MUCH STUFF. I swear, our home is like empty now (and it’s great!). I did 100 stories and almost 17,000 steps.
  • Thursday: My mom moving out made our apartment seem like a tornado had hit. So I spent Thursday trying to restore order and use our space better. Part of that was building a desk — it was cheap, which means 100s of pieces. The result? I hurt my back from being bent over for hours building it. I thought I was fine and did Turbo Kick that night. By time I got home from the gym, I couldn’t walk without crying πŸ™
  • Friday: I woke up at 5am in so much pain — my back pain had spread to every part of my body. My arms (even forearms!), my legs, my neck… it all hurt! I couldn’t sleep, so I sent a text to my masseuse to see if she could fit me in and then I did 35 minutes of restorative yoga. Y’all, those 35 minutes I was not in pain, and when it was over, I could walk without serious pain! Yoga is amazing! Of course, when my masseuse messaged me that she could see me at 4, I was all over it. I did do a lot of organizing on Friday, since I could move without crying. But that was it for the day.
  • Saturday: I cancelled my gym plans (on account of the back) and met up with a friend for breakfast. And then I spent the rest of the day working on our apartment. It’s almost perfect. I’m a perfectionist and it would have been done Friday, if it weren’t for the back injury. GRRR!

So there were some fun moments interspersed, but as you can see, this has not been the restful break I would have liked it to be. I need to finish getting things organized around the apartment today, since school starts back up tomorrow and I know I will not have time. Wish me luck! And rest!

Blog News

I miss COYER already! I think I did better on this one than I’ve done in a long time, though. Of course, since Michelle and I are hosting bloggiesta now, I’m already busy with that. Bloggiesta kicks off tomorrow… which means you can still sign up! And watch the blog today for a post detailing the mini-challenges and twitter party schedule!

I did lousy visiting people this week, but with my new office space and starting the next week with an organized space I’m really hoping to do a lot better this week. I’m also not at all ahead with blog posts, but I hope to fix that today. And then I’m plan to join blog ahead next week (starts Saturday through April 7th) with Anna from Herding Cats & Burning Soup. It’s safe to say I’ll start with 0 posts scheduled. My goal will be to end with 14 – that would get me through the month of April (except Sunday posts) and a little bit into May!

#FitReaders Update

Here are my goals for March:

Do yoga every Monday – Friday: I did yoga Monday, Friday and Saturday. Not a complete fail, but not a win either. Probably contributed to my back pain — lack of proper stretching. I’m refocusing on this goal next week.
Drink 64 oz of water daily & track it!: Nailed it!
Track all food – hit goals of 37% protein, 27% carbs, and 36% fat: Did a great job tracking – met goals 7 out of 7 days.
Complete March #strongestwomenindallas challenge at my gym – 20 classes, 2 of each format: I finished on Monday! I’m super proud of myself… but the gym has been kind of a bust this week. I went Monday and then skipped Tuesday (book club) and Wednesday (moving mom). Thursday I went and did Turbo kick and haven’t been back due to back pain. I’m being good and listening to my body, but man do I miss it. Will head back on Wednesday.
Lose 20 lbs: I started intermittent fasting this week and it’s helped – the scale is moving again! I’ve lost 6 pounds this month… and all of it this week. Hoping it will keep going this week and I’ll still make it to my goal πŸ™‚

Days since surgery: 220 (wow! It’s so hard to believe, it feels way more recent than that!)
Total weight lost since surgery: 134 pounds
Weight loss total (since 2010…): 261 pounds! I hadn’t realized how much I’ve lost until a Facebook memory popped up. Those pounds since 2010 have been 10 here, 20 there, gained 5, lost 5, etc. It was frustrating and even though I knew I was making progress, I lost sight of how much. So I’m trying to keep track of this too, as a reminder that slow and steady has been working for a long time and when the scale sticks, it’s not the end of the world!
NSV (non-scale victories): I’m also trying to pay attention to things off the scale, as a way of not losing track of progress. This week, it was definitely completing the March challenge at my gym. I did it in 12 days… faster than most of the members! I’m super proud of myself and the strength it took for me to do that. Another victory – moving my mom. I never felt tired or winded running up and down those stairs. I’m way more fit than I realized and was lapping my brother (who decided he needed to get back to the gym lol).

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Sunday Post with Berls | Spring… Break?

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14 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | Spring… Break?

  1. Oh wow you have been incredibly busy! Sorry to hear about your back pain! yes to massage and yoga! And good luck with you charter school application! It is so exciting your are opening a charter school!

    • Seriously! Everytime I’m off I’m so busy! Thanks – going good so far this week. Hope you’re having a great week πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a crazy break but I’m glad it didn’t involve schoolwork! I agree that yoga is amazing. I’ve never been very flexible and I’m still not winning any awards but I’ve gotten so much better and some chronic pain I’ve had is gone. Plus I’ve found I’ve gotten better at handling stress. Definitely amazing! Hope your back pain stays away and this week is going great!

    Katherine recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday - Spring TBR
    • Isn’t it amazing what yoga can accomplish? I’m incredibly inflexible lol but still it does wonders. Thanks so much – hope you’re having a great week!

  3. Glad you didn’t do schoolwork during break at least! I have another week and a half until spring break. we are BARELY hanging on at this point. My juniors have to take the ACT on tuesday. 14 kids with ADD and/or learning disabilities taking a 5 hour test? Yeah, not a good day for anyone! Enjoy your new space and hopefully your back is doing better!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: ALL the ARCs
  4. I did almost 17,000 steps the day I moved this week, too! It was crazy. I’m glad you and Kiko have your space…but I’m also sad your mother is getting herself into a mess with that boyfriend. I’m so sorry to hear about your back. Glad you could get in to get some relief on top of your yoga. Yay for desk space! I am looking for a little desk, too! I’m so excited about it

    Charlie recently posted: Sunday Post ~ Onward!
    • Moving will do it, huh?! Thanks, it’s bittersweet – I hope she does better than I’m anticipating. I got a great little desk from target for not too much… Just beware the many pieces to put it together! Hope you have a great week 😁

  5. You had a very busy week. I am sure you have a little weight lifted from your shoulders now that things in your house will be different.
    I have lots of drafts I want to post fro bloggiesta and then blog ahead to finish an schedule them. How awesome will it be if you are both ahead until May or June!!! πŸ™‚

    I am glad you have the week covered. I just don’t have time, I will text you later.

    Have a great week, Berls! Happy Reading! ox

    • I do, though I worry about my mom. But I cant keep being her mother. You’re killing it this week, I still have so much to do :/