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The one with the Funk

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead.

News at Home


Had a great day today! After breakfast and a fun morning with Dante, I picked up groceries and on my way home picked up Phil to come hang with us. We went to the park and by time we go home, Zach (Phil’s partner) had come over with shakes, french fries and chicken nuggets. We played and talked for a bit, then Dante went down for a nap. Phil and Zach left around 5, and I did some quick meal prep for the week. After Dante’s nap, I put away his laundry, we had dinner and I finished getting ready for the week. Got to bed a little later than I’d planned – 9:30 – but pretty great day still!


Well shoot, y’all. I hurt my back during my workout this morning and it’s hurt all day long. Sitting is okay, but standing hurts bad – it’s like I can’t stand fully erect. Ugh. Thankfully I planned to go to CareNow tomorrow anyway for a follow up on my kidney infection from a couple weeks ago. Hoping it feels much better tomorrow. Otherwise, it was a good day. Dante did great at daycare – no nap, of course – and we had a nice evening. I even watched an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel while doing a little blogging.


Today was ok. My back didn’t hurt AS bad this morning, but it still hurt. So I did some restorative yoga (canceled my normal class last night) and did web check-in for CareNow while getting ready. I got the alert that they were ready for me just as I was dropping Dante off at daycare, so that worked perfect.

The doctor suspects that I did pull a muscle and it’s not my kidneys – though, to be safe, she’s sending a culture off. If there’s still an infection, she will refer me to a urologist. In the meantime, she gave me some pain meds and muscle relaxers to take.

Today was a work from home day for me – so I went to my brother’s to work. I didn’t feel well all day – from stomach trouble (I think I’ve become lactose intolerant after years of guzzling milk with no effect) to blood sugar spikes.

Dante had a dentist appointment, so I picked him up early from daycare. In the waiting room, he kept trying to run around (first time he’s done that on me… also first pm appointment. We’re sticking to mornings from now on) and I was sweating like a pig and little dizzy (blood sugar spike? IDK, I’m falling apart this week). On the plus, I LOVED the dentist and he said Dante’s teeth look perfect. Finally a win – we needed this!

I didn’t feel great this evening either and after putting Dante to bed I just didn’t feel like reading. So I watched two episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and fell asleep much later than I should have probably.


Today was rough. I woke up in a lot of pain, but I couldn’t take my pain medicine or muscle relaxant because I was going to have to drive soon. On hindsight, I should have taken some OTC but I wasn’t sure about mixing with the other meds once I got to work. Then Dante woke up at 6:00 (a full hour and a half early) and he was ready to get out of bed by 6:30 a.m. Which made the morning rough, trying to get ready while he was underfoot. I took a shower with him in the bathroom and we played Peek-a-boo with the shower curtain. All the while, my back is making it really hard to move. So I was not at all patient with Kiko and we ended up arguing our way out the door – but hey! we were on time lol! I am proud of myself, because I ALMOST stopped at Starbucks to emotionally eat away my frustration, but I didn’t.

When I got to work, I took my meds and an hour later was still in a lot of pain. Thankfully I work with nurses and they were able to tell me what further pain meds I could take. And by about 12:30 I was in much less pain. But it was just one of those days where you just feel depressed for no solid reason. Like I live my life on this careful balance and my back sent me spiraling I just wanted to crawl into bed and cry all day. Instead, I had a semi-busy day and decided to work through lunch so I could get home early. And it was Chicken fried steak day and I resisted that emotional meal too! Dante did well in daycare today – he even napped the whole nap time! Probably thanks to his super early wake up. He was in a great mood this evening too.

Thanks to getting home 30 minutes early, by dinner time I had everything I needed to done for tomorrow. So now I’m watching some Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and blogging while Kiko gives Dante a bath. Then we’ll do bedtime and I will plan on an early bedtime as well. Really hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow in less pain. I plan to do yoga and some breathing and hopeful set my back and mind straight all in one

Thursday – Friday

I woke up in a lot of pain again Thursday and I decided that I could not handle the office. I did do a little yoga and it did help. But my mood is shifting – I’m just struggling. Between the Kidney infection and my back, I haven’t been to the gym consistently for 3 weeks. And I’m realizing that working out iis my antidepressant. So I went to my brother’s to work and, while I did do some work, I basically sat around watching TV and crying all day.

Even though I felt a bit better Friday – physically and emotionally – I decided I couldn’t handle being friendly, so I worked from home again (at my brother’s). Technically I’m supposed to work 4 days a week in the office, but my boss is super flexible and was fine with it. She knew I’d hurt my back and encouraged me to stay home.

In other bleak news, we’ve had to clear one of our Med-Surg units and convert it back into a COVID Unit. This Delta variant is no joke folks – if you’re not vaccinated I can’t stress enough that our hospitals are filling with the unvaccinated. Also, if you’re not vaccinated, you’re putting the kids who count on us to protect them at risk and as a mother of an almost 2 year old, I’m BEGGING you. I’m so nervous for him and I’m really hoping things won’t be awful by time his birthday comes around in September. I want to have a party for him this year – small, but a party that’s not virtual.


Today was a much better day. Dante ate my half my breakfast (twice, because I tried again LOL) and then we were off to visit with a friend. And then we had a friend’s birthday party for her 2 year old. It was a nice private room with an attached private splash pad – all guests (except the kids, of course) were vaccinated. I wasn’t sure how Dante would do, since they have splash day at his school every week and he doesn’t like it. He was hesitant at first and then he warmed up to it. By time the party was over he was running all over and I had to drag him out.

Then Franky paid us a surprise visit after dinner. He stayed for about 45 minutes and it was a nice visit. Always great to see him. Dante went straight to sleep – busy day! – and I finished watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Such a good show, I’m looking forward to season 4, hope it doesn’t take too long!

My back is hurting again tonight, so I took some pain medicine and I’m hoping a good night’s sleep with have me feeling better in the morning.

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8 responses to “Sunday Post with Berls | The one with the Funk

  1. Nothing worse than back pain, Berls. I hope it settles soon. I am so sorry that Covid is coming back for a fourth wave. I pray every day that people will get vaccinated so we can move forward. Do they forget how we eradicated polio, small pox and other contagious diseases. I am glad you are having some good times with friends and Dante. He sounds like such a sweetheart.

  2. Back pain is no fun. Hope it’s better. Glad you got good news from the dentist. That Delta Variant is getting bad and so many people just don’t get it. I see the numbers here and am glad I got the vaccine already.

    Mary Kirkland recently posted: Apartment Life #262
  3. Putting your back out is no joke. That was me back in May. Everything was a struggle. Glad the early part of the week was wonderful for you. Take care, Berls!

  4. Sorry to hear this week has some struggles. That back pain sounds painful. Things like that can really throw off your whole week. Glad to hear you had some meds that helped a bit at least. I hope your back is doing better soon. I hope next week is a better one and that you feel better!

  5. Back pain is no joke! I have an overstretched muscle in my back for the past three years that just will not heal, but it’s because I keep doing deep backbends in yoga and stretching it more. It’s fine most days, but when there’s a flare up….oh man. Ow. I hope you get yours under control!

    Angie recently posted: Sunday Post #61: Am I fluent yet?!