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Two years ago I put My To-Be Read List feature on hold to do a little revamp and make it more interactive. So in April 2014 I debuted it with a way for my friends and followers to vote on the next book I would read. Using a poll I picked 3 books from my TBR List and had you vote on them to see which one I would read that month. I found books I DNF and ones I really liked and I realized this is really helping me get to those books that I know I would have not gotten to otherwise. As I did this I realized – why not extend this feature to everyone? So May 2014 it was made a meme.

How it will work

Each month you will make a post with three books from your TBR List (these books can be already on your kindle or shelf or books you might want to purchase) and add your link on the linky that will be provided on my post. Your followers and the people on the linky will help you choose which book you will read next. The following Saturday you will announce the book that won. Then read the book and on the last Saturday of the month post a review.

So just in-case that was a little confusing, I’ll give you a few more details (step by step) 🙂

The Rules

Ex. Lets say its September…

The first Saturday is the 6th – your post will go up with the 3 books of your choice (these books can be already on your kindle or shelf or books you might want to purchase) and then link it to the linky on my blog. My post will go up at 5am est. Make sure you link back to me on your post to have your followers visit the other blogger on the link. You can do the Polling however you would like, Survey Monkey, Polldaddy or whatever you can find that is free (here is an EXAMPLE of my post). You can set it up and say whatever you would like – it’s totally up to you. All I ask is to please link it back to me.

The second Saturday is the 13th – this is the day you announce which book won and whatever else you would like. (here is an EXAMPLE of my post) Link your post to the link on my blog and then visit the other blogger to see if the book you voted for won. That is the fun part 🙂

The third Saturday is the 20th– you don’t have to post anything

The fourth (and/or last) Saturday is the 27th– this is when your review will go up regardless of how you liked the book. Please note even if you didn’t finished it just write a small post about how you felt about the book. I don’t write DNF reviews, but I do for this feature so my followers can see what I thought about the book they picked for me.

Some months have 4 weeks and some have 5 so a post always has to go up the First and Second Saturday and the last Saturday of the month

The final review post will also have a link on it so you can link up your reviews and we can see what you thought of the book that was picked. This will draw some views to your blog and maybe find some new friends along the way. 🙂

So would you be interested in joining me? If you have any questions at all please let me know 🙂

Grab the button for your post. It links back to me so others can see the rules and all the details.

Because reading is better than real life

13 responses to “My TBR List Meme

    • Hi Hannah, the review I have posted today for six crows has the link in it. I apologize as I realized I didn’t add the hashtag like I usually do so you know which review to link with. The last Saturday of the month I will have a review for the book that you can link with, it’s the only time I do a review on a Saturday 🙂

    • Hi Amy, YES I DO 🙂 it’s every month. I have one up this month but voting ends on Saturday. It will be back next year. It’s one of my favorites to host and do. 🙂

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