Tell Me Something Tuesday: Book no-nos

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Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday was hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings, but she has (temporarily?) stopped blogging. So a group of us that had been doing posts (Linda from Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell, Karen from For What It’s Worth, Roberta from Offbeat YA, Jen from That’s What I’m Talking About  and me) decided to get together, come up with some more topics and keep the meme going.Michelle made us a logo and we’re off and running. For more details, check out this post where I reintroduced the meme.

I can be sporadic, but when I do join in I will always share next week’s topic at the end of the post. So, today is about…

What are book no-nos that make you figuratively want to toss a book across the room?

Hmmm so I’ve been gone for weeks and I come back on a topic that I’m not sure I have an answer to! I guess I really do a prety good job of staying away from the books I won’t like (does that mean I’m not an adventurous reader?) so I don’t have this happen but rarely. But things that reallly bother me:

  1. Killing pets. People die in my books all the time and I’m okay with it. But kill a pet and I’m destroyed and the circumstances have to be exactly right for it to not be a deal breaker on the book for me.
  2. Getting Teachers Wrong. Because I was a teacher for 6 years, I’m pretty protective of that profession. It’s so undervalued in our society, but in our books it doesn’t have to be! I think people THINK they know what teachers do without the same research they might put into other professions. I mean we all went to school, so we all saw teachers… surely we know, right? WRONG! Teachers do so much that no one ever sees. I read one book once that depicted Kindergarten (what I taught) as basically play time all day. Guess what I rated it? 2 stars. I couldn’t get past such blatant inaccuracy.
  3. Glaring Historical Innaccuracy. Again, this is probably because of my background (Master’s in History– Medieval & Early Modern specifcially). I don’t expect books to be historical textbooks. And obviously they are already playing with things because we have way too many Dukes, Earls, etc. But when MASSIVE innaccuracies occur, I really struggle. I can’t seem to think of an example right now, but believe me you don’t have to be a history major to see it.
  4. A certain kind of humor – I don’t know what to call it. Ridiculousness? I love to laugh and some books crack me up (Max Monroe, Molly Harper, I’m looking at you!). But some books — mostly of the steam punk variety I’ve noticed — do humor in a way that makes me roll my eyes, not laugh. Different strokes for different folks, I know. So I’m glad those books are out there for people who it gives a good laugh. For me, it feels like a waste.
  5. EDIT TO ADD! Cheating! I just read someone’s post and it made me remember that I hate cheating in my books. Outlander is the only exception because the circumstances are so extraordinary I’m not really sure it even qualifies as cheating.

So yeah, I don’t know if that really nailed book no-nos but they are things that bug me in books!

What about you?

Next week’s topic: Which books are you looking forward to reading this Summer? (July-August)

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14 responses to “Tell Me Something Tuesday: Book no-nos

  1. Jen

    Killing pets – just NO! I don’t know if I’ve read a book about an outright kill of a pet. But sometimes animals do get caught in the crossfire, especially in UF type books. That would be hard for me to read.

    • I actually encountered dead pets TWICE this week. It’s as if by writting it in this post I asked for it or something?! In one instance it was natural (forgiveable) in the other it illustrated the evilness of a character (well that worked on me!). So it didn’t ruin either book – and in neither was it graphic – but still not something I want to encounter!

    • Agreed!! An animal was killed (by the bad guys) in the book I’m currently reading and I did not see it coming. It was only a one line mention and I didn’t know the dog and still I’m just not happy!

    • EXACTLY. I mean there may be one or two scenarios in which it worked — like the dog was super old and his death was natural — but for the most part, if I keep reading you’re losing a star!

  2. I can’t read violence against pets. I’ll google it (books or movies) if I even get a hint that a pet/animal will die.

    Historical inaccuracies in romance don’t bother me, I guess, because I feel like it’s all kind of fake anyway and I just roll with it lol

    I’m the same way with animals that you are with education. I’ve been a vet tech and trainer so I kind hate reading about animals because it drives me crazy. Especially the super popular ones with lovable dogs that misbehave and their owners are so exasperated and act like the dog is untrainable. I get stabby. But because I love animals, family are always buying me those books lol

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

    • Oh that’s funny! I can see why they would think you would love those books when in reality you’re actually MORE irritated by them LOL! I completely understand though. When you have so much knowledge of something, it’s hard to separate from that. I had to laugh at “it’s all kind of fake anyway and I just roll with it” lol – fair point!

    • Same! I don’t think I’ve encountered it in many books – I feel like most of us are pretty unanimous about hating it so authors know better. I think?