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Family. Truth. Immortality.
Choose one.

It’s been four years since Chris Arlin graduated with a degree that most people
think she made up, and she’s still no closer to scraping up funding for her
research into rare plants. Instead, she’s stacking shelves at the campus
library, until a suspiciously well-dressed man offers her a lucrative position
on a scientific expedition.

For Chris, the problem isn’t the fact that they’re searching for the Biblical
Tree of Life. Nor is it the fact that most of the individuals on the expedition
seem to be fashionably lethal mercenaries. The problem is that the mission is
being backed by SinaCorp, the corporation responsible for a similar, failed
expedition on which her mother died eleven years ago.

However, when Chris’s father is unexpectedly diagnosed with an incurable
illness, Chris sees only one solution. Vowing to find the Tree of Life before
SinaCorp’s mercenaries, Chris recruits Luke, an antisocial campus priest
undergoing a crisis of faith. Together, they embark on a desperate race to find

However, as the hunt intensifies, Chris discovers growing evidence of her
mother’s strange behaviour before her death, and she begins to realise that
SinaCorp isn’t the only one with secrets they want to stay buried.



“A ripping good yarn sure to please readers who
enjoy mysteries, legends, and overcoming the burden of hard choices.”

Darby Karchut, The Griffin Series

“Heartfelt, exciting, suspenseful, and

The Book Adventures

“A witty adventure laced with sneak-attack
humor, intrepid heroes, and dogged villains. As if Douglas Adams had written the
DaVinci Code with a female lead who has the heart of Indiana Jones and little
need for bullwhip or gun.”

– Errick A. Nunnally, Blood For The Sun

DK Mok is the author of The Other Tree, Hunt For Valamon and the Aurealis
Award-shortlisted story. ‘Morning Star’ (One Small Step: An Anthology of
Discoveries). DK grew up in libraries, immersed in lost cities and fantastic
worlds, populated by quirky bandits and giant squid. She graduated from UNSW
with a degree in Psychology, pursuing her interest
in both social justice and scientist humour. She’s fond of cephalopods,
androids, global politics, rugged horizons, science and technology podcasts, and
she wishes someone would build a labyrinthine library garden so she could hang
out there. DK lives in Sydney, Australia, and her favorite fossil deposit is the
Burgess Shale.

Website | Facebook | Goodreads
Twitter: @dk_mok

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I had the honor of asking D.K. Mok a few fun interview questions..

What is one item you cannot live without?

My notepad and pen. I count those as one item, because like a hermit crab and its shell, you could technically separate them, but you really shouldn’t. I’m always jotting down notes, thoughts, reminders and curious facts. Did you know elephants run away from bees?

What superpower would you want? and what would your superhero name be?

Teleportation, hands down. There are so many places I’d love to see: the towering icebergs of Antarctica, the dense jungles of Borneo, the Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico. I’m enchanted by the idea of ducking into a New York patisserie for breakfast, and watching the sunset from a tea house in Istanbul. On a less selfish note, if I could also teleport things other than myself, I could help transport supplies into disaster zones, or move patients out of remote areas. I’d probably call myself “Scotty” or “O’Brien”, depending on whether I was in more of a Star Trek TOS or TNG mood.

What season do you prefer? Why?

Summer. I love the way the quality of light changes, and the days linger in long, lazy twilights. It’s perfect weather for swimming at the beach, or going for meandering bushwalks.

What movie deserves a sequel?

There actually aren’t too many movies I feel really need a sequel, but plenty of TV shows I wish had been given one more season. Threshold (2005) was an intriguing sci-fi series that only had 13 episodes, and featured Carla Gugino (Sin City), Brent Spiner (Star Trek: TNG) and Peter Dinklage (pre-Game-of-Thrones) for extra nerd cred. Another series that could have had one more season is Dark Angel (2000), a fun post-apocalyptic show that illustrated why it’s important to backup your data. Don’t wait for an EMP, people.

What is one thing you always wanted as a kid, but never got?

Superpowers. I’m still waiting.

What is the nicest thing someone else has done for you?

That’s a tough one, because I’ve met so many lovely people. I don’t know if there’s one grand gesture that stands out, but there are so many everyday actions that mean a lot to me. Whenever someone takes the time to help, or listen, or show patience, even when they’re not having a great day – all those day-to-day kindnesses give me strength, because ultimately, time is one of the most precious things you can give to someone.

If you could bring someone famous back from the grave, who would you choose?

I guess that depends on whether we’re talking about a resurrection, zombie-raising, or vampire conversion. I’ve often thought the computer scientist Alan Turing was born out of his time, and died prematurely, so I’d be inclined to give him a second chance. And I’d totally watch a movie called “Alan Turing: Vampire Mathematician”.

If you could project yourself into the past, where would you go?

I like that phrasing! I presume projecting myself into the past means I get to see all the cool stuff, without actually having to deal with plague and night soil logistics. I’m tempted by the Jurassic period because of the pterosaurs, plesiosaurs and apatosauruses, but I’d love to see the Demon Duck of Doom and other megafauna from the Miocene epoch. If I’m gawking at 23-foot goannas and 8-foot carnivorous ducks, I’d definitely want to be a projection.

Thanks for having me on your blog, Michelle!


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  1. Lori

    Interesting interview, thanks for the great post! I’m pleased that there are people out there who favour notepad and pen over smartphone for notetaking. DK Mok sounds intriguing, I gotta know more about this Demon Duck of Doom …