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A Monster and Book

During the month of October, I asked a few of my friends, what their favorite Monster is (some are not so scary) and what book(s) they read that they loved that associated with the Monster they picked. The answers are great and the recommendation are even better! Enjoy!



Why I love Werewolves and a book

cycle-of-the-werewolfThe one thing I love about fall is the fact that it’s a perfect time for reading horror novels. So of course October is my favorite time of the year because it just has that horror novel feel to it. When I think about horror novels I have to think of about what I love to read about the most and that would be creature features!

My favorite creature is the Werewolf and my first introduction to how scary a werewolf could be would be Stephen King’s Silver Bullet. I was ten when it came out so I didn’t read it then but it wasn’t till a couple years later that my mother introduces my cousins and I to the movie version. I remember the three of us with a blanket held up to our chins and when something scary happened we would all duck under the cover…lol.

It was not long after that, that I decided to try the book version called Cycle of the Werewolf and werewolves became my favorite horror creatures to read about. I will admit to not reading as many as I would have liked because I have went through reading phases of where there were years when I didn’t even read horror but lately I have been in a horror mood and I find myself wanting to read some good werewolf horror novels.

So if you know of any I am taking recommendations!

About the Guest

Stormi is a blogger at Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!
Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my! a great place to get your book reviewed!
Twitter @BMReviewsohmy


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9 responses to “Werewolf with Stormi @BMReviewsohmy ~ Monster and Book Guest Post

  1. Werewolves might be one of my favorite monsters, even though I haven’t read a ton of books with them. I’m thinking of trying Bitten though… someone recommended it. I love Octobe too for exactly the same reasons!

    Nice post Stormi!

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