#2020HW ~ Berls’s Spring Semester Goals

Posted December 11, 2019 by Berls in Reading Assignment Challenge (HW) / 7 Comments

I failed this challenge so hard last year. I didn’t even register for the Summer or Fall… so yeah, we’ll start fresh in 2020! If you’re looking for the challenge details, check out the sign-up (hosted by Michelle & I).

I don’t remember whose “class” I signed up for last year, but I’ve decided to go with the AuthorLuv Beginner Class for the spring semester. That means 1 book a month by my chosen author. For choosing my author, I decided to look at the list of books I own and haven’t read and see which author seems to be most heavily represented. I was shocked to realize that I have 8 books that I haven’t read by Patricia Briggs – whom I love! So my author for the semester will be Patricia Briggs! I’m so excited to get caught up on my Mercy and Anna! But some of the books are her older series – I’m excited to give them a go as well.

What about you? Are you registering for Spring #2020HW?

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7 responses to “#2020HW ~ Berls’s Spring Semester Goals

  1. Ohnygosh I have never heard of this challenge before!!!!! This sounds like so much fun and fits with one of the goals I had already tentatively set for myself: Pick one author and read a bunch of books by them and/or Pick a theme and read books about that theme. I literally had JUST WRITTEN THAT DOWN before your post popped up in my Feedly!!!!! Wow! So yah, definitely signing up for a semester. I need to go read more about it and make my choices. THANK YOU FOR TELLING US ABOUT THIS!!!!!

    • Yay!! So glad this fits your goals so perfectly! It’s changed a bit every year, it used to be very different. But I like this version best.