I’m ready to binge read… Can you read a series in a month? #signup

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I’m excited that we’re doing the Can You Read a Series in a Month? challenge again next month. It’s one of my favorite challenges that we host. Be sure to swing by the sign up post for details and to join in.

This challenge is a no-brainer for me right now, as binge reading series is the main reading I’ve been doing this year. What makes it a challenge is that I’m doing it in a month! So I’m sticking with audio, that’s definitely the easiest for me, especially with baby Dante in my arms so frequently! I’m not really sure yet what my reading pace will look like with a newborn, so we’ll find out. By November he’ll be 6 weeks so maybe it’ll be easier?

I’m Ready to binge read… Jayne Frost!

This series was recommended to me a long time ago and I’ve actually had it downloaded from Audible to my phone for months… maybe a year. So I think it’s time to give it a go! I’m not sure that the series is finished, but since the last book came out late last year and the other books came out more quickly, I’m thinking it may be. I’m also discovering that this series is part of a greater universe with lots of authors. So I may be starting me way into something very big. We’ll see. First Jayne Frost!

So I’ve got 6 full length and 1 novella to read! Wish me luck, I may need it 🙂

Have you read The Jayne Frost Series?

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2 responses to “I’m ready to binge read… Can you read a series in a month? #signup

  1. Oh yeah, that does look like a good series, Berls. You’ll have some listening fun for sure.

    Cheering you on! I’m doing the challenge, too.