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Read Me Romance

Have you heard about the Read Me Romance Podcast yet? If you enjoy audiobooks and romance, I highly recommend you subscribe.

The Read Me Romance podcast is hosted by us— New York Times bestselling authors Alexa Riley and Tessa Bailey. We bring you a new, original audiobook novella every week from one of your favorite authors! Simply subscribe and listen for free on your phone’s podcast app. Prepare to swoon!Read Me Romance
And since I’m loving the hell out of it, I thought I would start reviewing the podcast. This will be a bit about the podcast and a bit about the books.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Read Me Romance | She’s the One by Ella GoodeShe's the One by Ella Goode
Narrator: Lori Prince
on September 9, 2019
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult

Whenever her friends talk about the hot guys on campus, Maisie is bored. Not only does she not find these particular guys are hot, she’s beginning to realize that she doesn’t think men are attractive in general. Besides, she has more important things to do than chase after men such as gaining the friendship of Star.

Star's a brilliant, intriguing, captivating girl who makes Maisie's heartbeat a little faster. After spending time with Star, Maisie begins to realize that her feelings aren't very sisterly. Has she discovered something important far too late?

My top thoughts:

I haven’t read much F-F romance, let alone New Adult/Young Adult F-F. I think technically this would be considered NA, but it read a lot like YA to me. The characters were very young and inexperienced/innocent – hence feeling like YA. But they are in college, so I guess technically it’s NA. I enjoyed the reading a character “discover” her sexuality and I liked the characters overall.

Who I think would like it:

If you’re looking for a quick, light romance read and are new to the F-F genre, I think you’d enjoy it. I have a feeling that readers who are more experienced with F-F would have some problems with it. Not that I can pick out anything specific, but it felt like it was perhaps over simplified.

Narrator thoughts:

The narration was smooth and the characters were varied – I easily listened at my normal 2x speed.

Podcast thoughts:

So this summer they stopped doing the podcast daily and instead it’s broken into two parts – one that airs on Monday and the final part on Friday. I definitely missed having the podcast every day when they made the switch, even though I fully understand why they did it. Publishing 5 podcasts has to be a lot more work than just 1. The result for me, though, is that I just wait until Friday (or even later) so that I can listen straight through. It still works for me, but it’s changed it from a daily thing to just another audio book basically.

But I do still really enjoy the podcast and their conversations. And hey, the best conversations were always Mondays & Fridays anyway!

3 stars Just Okay

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2 responses to “Read Me Romance | She’s the One by Ella Goode

    • I think you would enjoy the podcast, even if you wouldn’t like all the books. Alexa Riley and Tessa Bailey chatting before and after each segment is sometimes my favorite part 🙂