24 hour #readathon hour 9 update post with @BerlsS

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It’s update time 🙂

Don’t forget you can find Michelle most of the day on Twitter and Instagram
and will be updating my status on Goodreads as well while I read.

You can find Berls most of the day on Twitter and Instagram

I will update approx every 4 hours.

Reading Update:

These are the books I read so far:

Nothing finished yet! 🙂

These are the books I am currently reading:

Turning Back - Full length
I’m really enjoying Turning Back and if I don’t continue feeling so sleepy I’ll finish it soon I think. I’m at the 50% mark now.

When the Rogue Returns
When I got sleepy I started listening to this and I’m also at about the 50% percent mark. Love Sabrina Jeffries.
What I plan to read next:

It’s a JA Huss athon 🙂

What else have I been doing?

Since I’m fighting Strep Throat (thanks Kinder babies!) I’ve been reading with sleep bouts and tea intermixed. I’m just waking up for a 30 minute nap actually and looking forward to a good stretch of reading, I hope!

How is Michelle doing?

She’s almost done with her fist book, 83%! Woot, go Michelle!


Thanks for stopping by to check out my progress!

Hoping to last the entire 24 hours!

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2 responses to “24 hour #readathon hour 9 update post with @BerlsS

    • I know, right?! Lol, I thought for sure I wouldn’t be reading at all, but I guess the antibiotics did their job fast. I spent the day tired, but not mindless 🙂 Hope you’ve had a great week!