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A Month of Giving ThanksHosted by Michelle @Because Reading and Berls @Fantasy is More Fun #30daysofThanks is originally hosted by The Geeky Blogger with Felicia’s permission, we adopted something similar…

Last year I did 30 days of Thanks to bloggers, Authors and books. This year I thought I would do something just a little different. This time around I will be posting for 4 days (Wednesdays) each day giving thanks to 10 bloggers, authors or books.

I have made some really amazing friends while doing this blog and each one of these people I am happy to call my friend. Even thought I haven’t meet you in person I am forever Thankful to have you in my life.

  • Lark ~ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard
    • I am Thankful for having found Lark’s Blog, not only was she one of the first people to believe in me enough to let me help her with her blog header but she is also one of the sweetest people ever. I enjoy having her as my friend.
  • Greg ~ Book Haven
    • I don’t know that many guys who are book bloggers but if you are going to follow anyone you want it to be Greg, I am so Thankful to have found him and his blog. He has some super awesome posts and I enjoy chatting with him on the blog. I am happy to have gotten to know Greg and very thankful to be able to call him a friend.
  • Lauratrips down imagination road
    • I meet Laura through COYER and I am so Thankful for her idea of Bookish Resolutions, it is a fun challenge to co-host with her plus she is a very sweet and nice person. I wish one day we could meet but until then I enjoy visiting her blog and chatting with her on Twitter and Facebook.
  • KimCaffeinated Book Reviewer
    • Kim I have a lot to be Thankful for…The Sunday Post, HoHoHo Read-a-thon, May Clean Sweep & Take Control of your TBR Pile. She has great idea and helped me find some amazing bloggers that I love to follow and have become friends with. She is always working on fun stuff and I am very Thankful for it.
  • Ashley ~ Nose Graze
    • I am not even sure I have to tell you why I am thankful for her. We all know she is the coding queen and has pretty much created stuff for us that makes our blogs run so awesome. She is super nice and has helped me quite a few times. I am loving everything she shares and has the best blogging tip. Not sure where we would all be without her.
  • Lillian ~ Mom with a Reading Problem
    • I am truly thankful for Lillian and giving Limabean Designs a chance in creating all the details for her blog. She took a chance on me and she was so awesome to work with. She is just such an awesome person and I am so glad to have been able to help her out and become friends with her.
  • Sarah ~ One Curvy Blogger
    • I adore Sarah’s Blog and I am so glad I found her on the Sunday Post. She is a sweetheart and so much fun to chat with, I enjoy our conversations on Twitter.
  • Kristin ~ My Parahangover
    • I am extremely thankful that I found Kristin we have a bit in common when it comes to our kids and when going through a rough patch her words meant the world to me. It’s hard to get people to understand what you are going through and she knew. I love her blog and she makes me laugh. I am thankful to be able to call her a friend and I love chatting with her.
  • Sharon ~ Sharon’s Book Nook!
    • Sharon is a sweetheart and I absolutely adore her. I love her blog and I love chatting with her when I can. She writes some great reviews and I do love to visit her blog when I can.
    • I wanted to list everyone in a post but I figured I would do it this way. These are some of the best girls I have ever had the chance to talk to and the group is so awesome. They make COYER so special, I appreciate how much they enjoy COYER and I am so glad to be able to give them a fun challenge to participate it. Thanks girls you are all awesome!


Thanks for stopping by

Hope you have a great day!



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13 responses to “A Month of Giving Thanks ~ Week 3 ~ Bloggers

  1. Awe Michelle!!! I’m honored to make this list and if I had one you’d totally make mine. With very little info from me you created exactly what I wanted for my blog AND on a budget I could afford. Anyone that asks I refer back to you 🙂 and if I ever want a facelift again you’re the first I’ll contact 😀

    Lillian recently posted: Sunday Post #52 – Lazy Days
  2. Oh great list! I think I know all of them, except for Sharon and Kristin, wil have to check out their blogs.. The Bookwyrm’s Hoard and One Curvy Blogger are some bloggers I met recently and now stop by frequently. I really like the design you did for Lillian. I don’t stop by nearly enough, but try to visit her on at least sundays. Same with Greg, I usually visit his blog on sunday, but not as much during the week.
    Ashley from Nosegraze is always so helpfull and she has some great posts about blogging. I knew Kimba even before I started my own blog and was still a co-blogger on another blog and ever since I started my own blog I participate weekly in her sunday post meme, which helped me met so many other awesome bloggers. I also met Laura through Coyer and she’s a great blogger. Great list! I wish I had more time to visit all the amazing bloggers out there.

    Lola recently posted: Review: Revealed by SJ Pajonas