#bingewatchersclub ~ The Twilight Zone is my favorite binge EVER!

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This week didn’t go as planned but I spent most of it binge watching the Twilight Zone. I am currently on Season 2 episode 9. I have seen a few of my favorites already and I might actually do a post in a few weeks about which episodes I enjoyed and which ones I didn’t. Some of them I have never seen before and it’s really interesting because I felt like I have watched them all. On New Years Eve they have a marathon and I watch it from start to finish because AHHH! I can’t even explain how much I LOVE this show. It had so many actors in it and I am telling you a lot of movies they have made must have been sampled or started from watching this. I just watched one that reminded me of the plot of Final Destination, like I felt the idea came from this and then was expanded on. If you NEVER watch The Twilight Zone you should, some of them are a little boring but some give you the chills!

I want to watch Bates Motel so badly but for some reason just can’t get myself to watch it yet but I will attempt it again next week to see if I am ready to finally finish it up.

You all have me so interested in watching The 100. I have been hearing such awesome things about it and I am now rather curious. I want to maybe start that one in the summer and make it a full binge watch when we are home on the weekend or at the shore.

No change to the list below but if you notice anything you think I need to add let me know.

I am leaving my list and will cross off as I finish shows and add more shows in red. Completed a Season in Blue. Figured it would be easy to keep up that way. 🙂

My Binge Watching List…

Series still on TV

  • The 100
  • Riverdale (Completed Season 1)
  • The Magicians
  • Good Witch
  • When Calls the Heart
  • Gotham
  • Westworld
  • Sherlock
  • Supergirl
  • Vikings
  • Van Helsing
  • Wyonna Earp

Completed Series

  • Reign
  • Smallville
  • The Lizzie Borden Chronicles
  • The Alienist
  • Merlin

Netflix Original

  • Glow
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Santa Clarita Diet
  • Black Mirror
  • Hemlock Grove
  • Glitch
  • The Frankenstein Chronicles
  • Slasher
  • Dark
  • Frontier
  • Medici
  • The O (with the A-ish symbol)
  • The Rain
  • TrollHunters
  • Godless
  • Sense 8
  • Fuller House (waiting for next season)

Hulu Original 

  • Freakish
  • Harlots
  • Midnight Texas
  • Taboo

No Season Ending

  • Salem (maybe since it ended with no finale)
  • Penny Dreadful(maybe since it ended with no finale)

Series to Finish

  • Stranger Things
  • RWBY
  • Bates Motel


  • Castlevania
  • Death Note
  • Fairy Tale
  • Little Witch Academia
  • Madoka Magica
  • KK
  • Blue Exorcist
  • Gunslinger Girl

Background Binge Watching

  • Twilight Zone
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Bones

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5 responses to “#bingewatchersclub ~ The Twilight Zone is my favorite binge EVER!

  1. I loved Death Note and Gunslinger Girl! I found out a couple of months ago that there is a Gunslinger Girl two. 🙌🙌🙌

    I live in Binghamton NY where Rod Serling grew up. I live near Recreation park where the carousel and band gazebo that inspired Walking Distance are located. Did you hear that the SyFy channel isn’t doing the marathon for the 4th of July this year? I am so disappointed. 😞 I should probably buy the box set of DVDs, anyway, no commercials! 📺

  2. I love The Twilight Zone though I can only watch a couple of shows at a time before it starts messing with me! Sounds like a fun binge!

  3. Dude watch The 100! You will then understand life. 🙂 Well maybe that’s overstating it, but watch it! And if you don’t like it, sorry ! lmao

    I finished Riverdale S2 recently. Weird season but I still like the show, even if it’s dumb sometimes. Dark and The Rain are both good.

    I remember liking the Twilight Zone episode w/ William shatner on the plane and there’s some monster outside on the wing?

  4. I have only seen a few Twilight Zone shows but they are fun. Does binging on cheesy horror flicks count? Cause that is what I have been watching lately instead of new TV shows…lol.