Can you read a series in a Month? Challenge ~ Goal Post!

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So can I read a series in a Month? Maybe!
This challenge is hosted by Berls @Fantasy is more fun and Me.
Do you want to join me? You can find all the rules and sign up info HERE

 I had a hard time trying to decided what to read because there are so many awesome series that need to be read. 🙂 I scrolled through my Goodread’s shelf and totally forgot I own two book number one in a series that are sitting on my shelf. So this is a great time to start reading them. If I like the series I will want to buy the next two, so this is perfect. I am going to have my official series and a secondary series just incase I DNF or don’t like the 1st one I will have a back up.

The series I plan to read

My Backup Series

Since I am reading them in actual book form, I can only read the rest of the series in actual book form (I am strange, like that) So I don’t mind having to purchase these since if I really like them I will want them on my shelf.

Are you going to join the challenge? What series are you planning to read?

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14 responses to “Can you read a series in a Month? Challenge ~ Goal Post!

    • I was hoping to get to it before the movie came out and I still might. Hoping if I finish my first pick I can start on the next one.

  1. Ani

    I will be curious to see if you like your first series. It sounds interesting, and those covers are nicely creepy. I like the idea of a backup series, because I’d been thinking the exact same thing… except I have, like, three backup series… I’m still trying to narrow my selections down to one backup series. lol Of course, two of my backup series are by an author I personally like, so it’ll be easy to get through if my first series turns out a dud.

    Good luck, and hope that first series is a good one! Can’t wait to see what you think of Asylum.

  2. Someone’s in a creepy mood 🙂 That’s smart to have a backup series. I am 100% confident that I will love my series though, so I’m not worried. Good luck!

  3. I really like the idea for this challenge, but don’t think I can fit in 3 books in a series in August as I really want to make a dent in my review copies pile, but I’ll give it some thought. maybe I have a series for review where I own at least 3 books, lol. I like that you thought of a backup series in case the first one tuns into a DNF. Good luck with the challenge!

    • Totally understand, would love to try to do this challenge twice a year. It seems like something that I would love to do often 🙂

      I always need back-up because I would hate to not at least try a series and I will never figure out what to read next if I don’t put something there. 🙂

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